Letters to the editor

Why I missed the Aug. 7 board meeting

I missed the Aug. 7 Groveport Madison Board of Education’s special board meeting because it was scheduled after I left on Aug. 5 for my family’s annual five day trip to Stratford, Canada and it occurred before I returned on Aug. 9.

I fail to understand why the meeting could not have been scheduled before I left or after I had returned since I was only gone five days.

Mary Tedrow, board member
Groveport Madison school board

Area in question is not in Madison Township

This letter is in regards to Mr. Rummel’s letter to the editor in the Aug. 25 Southeast Messenger titled, "Groveport Madison school Board is in Disarray."

The Madison Township Board of Trustees would like to clarify that the area referred to in Mr. Rummel’s letter (behind Giant Eagle and near the Holiday Inn Express) are not in Madison Township.  Those parcels are in the city of Columbus and therefore the trustees have no control regarding what is approved for business or residential building.

Jim Hummel
Susan Brobst
Dennis White
Madison Township trustees

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