Letter to the Editor: Lions Club pulls out of fair

The London Lions Club was chartered 62 years ago as part of the world’s largest service organization and has, over the years, served our community in many ways. Our main objective is to find a cure for preventable blindness. In our local community, we provide eye exams and glasses for those who need assistance and we support other worthy causes.

For many years, the London Lions have set up a trailer at the Madison County Fair in order to sell fish and other food items. The Lions’ trailer and other projects were used to raise money to support our philanthropic efforts.

I would like to thank some of the Senior Fair Board members, on behalf of the London Lions Club, for the help we were given during the many years we have been part of the fair. Dave Gallimore was particularly helpful.

Often, however, we have felt utter despair and frustration with the total disregard by other board members. At times, we had the impression we were not welcome.

After many years of being a part of the Madison County Fair, the London Lions Club has elected to participate no longer. This will be the first time in over 50 years that a Lions Club, either Sedalia or London, will not be represented on the Madison County fairgrounds.

On behalf of the London Lions Club and myself, I would like to say “thank you” to London and the surrounding community for their support.

This only means that we, as a Lions Club, will need to work even harder to accomplish our monetary goals in order to help our community. We ask for your continued support in other projects that we might undertake.

Our motto is “We serve”…but not fish at the fair!

Dick Hughes
London Lions Club

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