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London needs to tighten its belt

In the Nov. 17 edition of the Madison Messenger, I read the article titled, “City heads make plea for funds.” 

It started with the police chief’s wish list, topped with a need for a “school resource advisor.” It was reported that this new position would serve as an authority figure, conduct investigations, and protect students. This isn’t a prison; it’s a school, for goodness sakes. Doesn’t the faculty serve as authority figures? Doesn’t the principal conduct investigations? Do your children need protected beyond what everyday living in the USA provides? Teachers have their authority to discipline stripped away, and now you want to add another position providing the same thing that was stripped away from teachers by the ACLU and threats of lawsuits! I’d like to know what happened to common sense in this country!

The fire chief says you need a sub-station on the other side of the tracks. Those tracks weren’t put there this year or last; they have been there for decades. Why now do you need a substation? And, the chief needs an assistant for when he’s away? How about appoint someone al-ready on staff?

The streets and sewers are falling apart, according to the street superintendent. Top this off with the parks department being broke and unable to keep the parks maintained, and you have an entire city misdirected.

The cry from government, whether local, state or federal, seems to be, “We need more money”. Isn’t it about time these departments, these agencies, these states work harder to accomplish their goals with the money they have?

The article didn’t report budgets or number of employees in each department. What budget do these departments have and how many people? Publish what each government employee makes. Let’s see where the money is going! I’d like to see these numbers published for everyone to see.

Maybe they’ll have to lay off some people and work harder, like the people who support your town have to do when things get tough.

There is no doubt about it, we are over-regulated and over-taxed. Look at your phone bill and the numerous taxes you get saddled with each month. And now, because Time Warner is offering movies, they (city council) are considering charging you up to 5 percent tax on your bill.

Look at the stronghold our county politicians have put on Madison County property rights. They have embedded us in a sea of fees (taxes) and regulations, all in the name of controlled growth and farmland preservation. I don’t believe they have made any payments on my farmland, nor yours. I’d like to be able to do what I want with my land. They have choked growth in this county down to nothing and now they complain of no new tax revenues. It isn’t just the federal politicians that are sucking this country dry; it runs all the way back to our cities, towns, counties and townships.

We need reform, and that starts with government tightening its belt. Our elected officials need to be held responsible for the choices they make for us as citizens. We need to curb regulation and taxes, and work harder to make our lives less complicated by eliminating bureaucratic red tape and wasteful spending.

John Kimmel
Mount Sterling

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