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Change is needed

Change is needed in the South-Western City School District.

I thought that when Dr. Wise took over as superintendent, he would make things more inviting and open to the public and voters. I was wrong.

This new policy of having to sign up to speak at a board meeting about items not on the agenda is not open and inviting. It isn’t the same old thing. It’s worse. It puts up more walls between the voters and the district.

Voters have a right to speak at board meetings and the board and administration should be a champion for the rights of the public, not a denier of their rights.

Cathy Johnson, who voted for this policy, states that this is a policy from Wilmington Ohio Schools. What a coincidence that the Deputy Superintendent Phil Warner was the previous superintendent in Wilmington Schools who used this same policy. 
Other districts see it is wrong to have such a policy.

Change is needed in SWCS. The easiest way for change to occur is for the board and administration to make changes. Be open and honest on all issues. 

Why did the November levy/bond issues fail? The board needs to look at themselves to answer this question. The public and voters do not trust you. You have lost credibility and integrity because of your actions and inactions.

I personally don’t feel the board and administration will make changes. That leaves it to the public and voters. The  board works for the public and voters, although I feel they have lost sight of this.

These board members need to make positive changes now or the voters need to make changes by replacing them at the next election.

To the board and administration, drop the new public participation policy immediately and start being open and honest. If you don’t, the levy and bond issues that are on the ballot in May will crash and burn. They will fail because of you.

Change was made this past November  in this country. Change needs to be made in SWCS.

Joseph Kocks
Grove City



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