Letter to the editor

Too much drama on Groveport Madison school board

This letter is in reference to the possible (more than likely) levy to be placed on the ballot for the Groveport Madison School District (GMSD).

Since having moved to Groveport in 2003 I have noticed something about the Groveport Madison school board. There is always drama of some sort. From the prior superintendent and up until the board we have now, there is always something negative brewing.

I have two small children in my family. Times are hard for us, as well as most families. Homes are being foreclosed on routinely. I’m sorry to hear about GMSD being in the red come 2009, however the community is most already in the red. There can be any number of homes for sale in my neighborhood (Elmont Place) or with a HUD auction sign in the window.

My family already pays over $3,000 a year on taxes to Groveport (this including the school district). Matter of a fact, most of that $3,000 tax bill goes toward the school district.

I will not vote for your levy. We are paying out enough and feel maybe if the Groveport Madison school board would get their selves together, and take care of business and stop with the bickering, you’d get people in the community more apt to vote for the schools.

Jessica Brubaker

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