Letter: Museum is great local attraction

I recently had the good fortune, during a short stay in London, to visit the Madison County History Museum. I want to urge all Madison County residents and visitors to be sure to explore this outstanding local attraction.

The museum is appealing to everyone, from children to old history buffs like myself. The exhibits are thoughtfully and creatively set up to reveal “real life” as our parents and grandparents experienced it. The military room and the totally authentic cigar store are special highlights.

The Museum includes several outside exhibit buildings, as well, which are also completely furnished to reflect their place in history. What a treat to visit a real caboose, that we may have seen thundering past on the tracks just a few short years ago, or a log cabin whose pioneer residents seem to have just departed for a few hours.

The museum that I represent was created by restoration professionals and is exciting for all ages, but its videos, computers and interactive exhibits cannot portray our history any more compellingly than seeing the “real thing” in Madison County.
Carol Elder
(Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum)

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