‘Let’s Make a Deal’ contestant has ties to Grove City

By Andrea Cordle
Southwest Editor

Christopher Armitage, 37, wants his Grove City area friends and family to watch him (possibly) win big on ‘Let’s Make a Deal.’

Last year, Armitage spent about three months in Los Angeles, California. While there, he decided to go see the popular CBS show where audience members dress up in unique costumes to attract the attention of host, Emmy Award winner Wayne Brady.

“I was dressed as a doctor and my girlfriend was dressed as my patient,” said Armitage.

According to Armitage, audience members are picked at random. Once picked, they can make deals for cash or prizes that could include trips and cars while avoiding Zonks (unwanted booby prizes).

While Armitage was selected by the Let’s Make a Deal host, he could not say if or what he won.

“I can’t say anything until the show comes out,” he said.

When asked what stood out to him about the experience of being on the show, Armitage said it’s difficult to name just one thing.

“It was all-around a different experience,” he said.

Armitage was born in Dayton, Ohio and attended The Ohio State University. He lived in Grove City for 14 years but just sold his home and moved out west. He wants to encourage all his family and friends to catch the show to see the outcome.

Armitage will be on CBS’ ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ on Thursday, April 23, airing locally at 10 a.m. The show was taped prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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