Lending a helping hand

Volunteers from Madison Health’s rehab services department volunteered time and effort to clear a site for Special Olympics and recreation events for the Madison County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

(Posted Oct. 12, 2021)

It may be a very simplistic and obvious statement, but helpers like to

help. Some employees from Madison Health recently proved that point.

This past summer, Phil Brown, director of rehab services at Madison Health, was looking to engage his staff of therapists in a community service project. Eventually, he was pointed toward the Madison County Board of Developmental Disabilities (MCBDD).

For some time, MCBDD has hoped to repurpose the former Humane Society site, but trees needed to be trimmed, weeds eradicated, and a wide variety of other dying plant life eliminated.

Not anymore.

Recently, Brown and his crew of occupational, physical and speech therapists arrived with gardening tools and ambition to clear a large area earmarked for Special Olympics and recreation events for individuals with disabilities.

“The people from Madison Health showed great teamwork and got a tremendous amount of work done,” said MCBDD Superintendent Susan Thompson. “This unselfish act by this great group of people has gone a long way to help provide more recreation opportunities to the individuals we serve.”

In addition to Brown, others from Madison Health who participated were Julian Simmons, Barb Eades, Stephen Muddle, Roger Coate, Kacy Samworth, Jessica DeLuca, Chandler Dickinson, Amanda Brown, Heidi Graber, Brittany Neely, Carli Pimm, Brian Cummings, Anita Zeigler, Mary Gray and Harold Gray, along with great assistance from Ben Goodyear.

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