Leaving the board


By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

A Franklin Township trustee who has served the area for over two decades will be stepping down at the end of the year.

Tim Guyton will be hanging up his hat after continuously serving as a township trustee for six four-year terms.

Guyton said he became a trustee after his neighbor suggested he would make a great leader for the community.

“A neighbor asked me to run for trustee. I attended one meeting and saw how little the trustees at the time cared about the views of the residents,” Guyton said. “At that time, I decided to run for office it was originally going to be for one term only, but I saw many things that the residents either needed or wanted, and decided to continue to serve with the intent on seeing the projects through.”

A resident of the township since 1987, Guyton graduated from West High School in 1973. Today he works part-time at UPS, as a township trustee and owns and manages several rental properties. Guyton also serves on a variety of boards, including Franklin County Board of Zoning Appeals, the Franklin County Planning Commission, Public Works Integrating Committee as an alternate board member and the SWACO Board of Trustees.

Guyton said that the reason he did not run for office again was because of his other obligations outside the township and that they were taking up more of his time.

After stepping down, Guyton plans to spend time with his family, including his wife of 31 years Debbie, his daughters Cassie and Katie and his four grandchildren.

“I intend to catch up on the obligations that I have, see our kids and grandkids more, and vacation a little more,” he said. “I intend to find a worthwhile cause that is rewarding to serve.”

Guyton also said he will spend time at his church, the Cypress Wesleyan Church, swim with his swim club, travel to his favorite vacation spot in Arizona and continue to work on rehabbing homes on the westside.

However, Guyton said he will continue to keep an eye on how the leadership is managing the township, particularly spending by the township leaders. Guyton said he worries about the budget in the township, saying that current leaders are not making the tough decisions that need to be made in order for the township to have a realistic budget.

“The taxpayers are tired of increased taxes and they do not trust the trustees to tell them the truth,” Guyton said. “The police levy this year and the fire levy last year are examples of not being open and honest with the voters. It is extremely doubtful that a JEDD will ever happen and with no other funding source aside from levies, the trustees are going to have to face the reality of consolidation for services to save tax dollars for the residents.”

There will be many things Guyton said he will miss about the township, including serving the residents of the township.

“I will miss the many leaders for other entities that I have had the luxury of meeting and collaborating with,” he said.

Guyton said that he is keeping his options open about returning to office in Franklin Township some day and will have to wait to see what his circumstances are at the time.

“It has been a pleasure to serve each and every one of the Franklin Township residents,” Guyton said. “I knew going in that I would be unable to make everyone happy. My goal has always been to be honest with them, and then deal with the fallout from telling them the truth.”

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