Land near Alum Creek Drive to be annexed to Obetz

By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

The village of Obetz continues to expand its borders and when an annexation ordinance for acreage in Hamilton Township is accepted after two more readings, the town will grow by nearly 20 acres.

On Oct. 26, Obetz Village Council heard the first reading of an ordinance for the annexation of 18.9 acres of township land near Alum Creek Drive into the village under emergency language.

According to Community Services Director Stacey Boumis, there are four owners and five parcels. One person owns two parcels.

“There have been no development plans submitted as a part of the annexation request, so the future use is not known,” said Boumis. “We anticipate some type of warehousing/industrial.”

Last year 13.8 acres of land was annexed in the same area and zoned Planned Commercial District. Approximately 8.8 acres at 5238 Alum Creek Drive is under construction as a Sheetz gas station, café and convenience store.

Ground broke in September on the site, which includes the 6,000-square foot building, gas and diesel pump stations.

According to Boumis, no development plan was submitted for the remaining acreage, but based on the zoning, it will be some type of commercial property. A development plan must be approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission prior to any further development.

When asked why the property owners decided to annex their properties into Obetz,

Boumis said, “The majority of the parcels are small and were single family homes constructed at a time when there was not the development that you see today on Alum Creek Drive. The residential character of the area has changed. Property owners tended to be elderly or the properties were rentals. People wanted to be in a more residential area.”

Over the course of more than a decade, village annexation within the Alum Creek Drive corridor also includes five acres in 2015 for expansion of TNT and 170 acres in 2008 when the Stambaugh farm property was annexed for industrial/warehousing development.

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