Lambert Road rezoning proposal discussed in Pleasant Township

By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

A Lambert Road rezoning proposal was discussed again at the Aug. 11 Pleasant Township board meeting.

Attorney Jack Reynolds attended the meeting to offer more insight on the application with the county for A7 Trucking Solutions.

The intent is to turn the agricultural property on Lambert Road into a select commercial planned district. The applicant wants to expand and relocate the expedited package delivery company from its current 1.8-acre lot to the 9.2-acre lot at 6001 Lambert Road.

The company intends on storing its 63 box trucks, which they use to deliver their goods across the country, on the property. The truck operators would come onto the property in their personal vehicles, park and take their truck around the U.S for up to three weeks from city-to-city. They would then return the truck and take their personal vehicle off of the property.

“The numbers of employees fluctuate,” said Reynolds.

According to Reynolds, there would be very little traffic off and on the property. The company does not use semi-trucks, he said. At times, larger trucks may be on the property for deliveries of motor oil or recycling, but this would be once or twice a month.

Reynolds said access to the building would be from the rear and the vehicles will be parked behind the building. The trucks will operate between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. so there would not be an issue with the trucks disrupting the surrounding area at night, according to the attorney. The property would be surrounded by a six-foot chain link fence and shrubbery as additional screening. Other options were discussed for alternative lower maintenance forms of screening such as a wooden fence or a brick wall, which would be more complimentary to the community.

According to Reynolds, this location has had a commercial use. At one time, it was a nursery.

“The proper use for the site is commercial,” said Reynolds.

The application still has multiple phases to go through before being able to move forward.

“We are not required to come to a trustee board meeting. However, it is prudent to meet with the trustees to let them know what is going on. We want to answer questions and fully educate everyone on the proposal,” said Reynolds.

In other news the Pleasant Township trustees approved a resolution to purchase software for the firehouse for the cost of $18,678.

This program will hold all of the firehouse’s information for payroll, fire, EMS, human resources and more. The new software would streamline work and combine everything the firehouse needs into one program, which would save time, money and increase efficiency.

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