Kindness is his calling card

These are the front and back sides of a card London resident Don Carter had made. He and his wife, Carol, have passed out hundreds of them.

(Posted March 12, 2021)

Letter to the Editor by London Resident Don Carter

It all started about six years ago. As I was looking through a magazine, this phrase caught my eye: “ Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

Later, I had Wilson Printing & Graphics in London print those words and a smiley face on some cards. My wife, Carol, and I are now on our third box of 250 in a box. We have passed these out in person, in cards, letters and bills, and at motels, restaurants, grocery stores and our church.

I recall a few incidences that happened. I gave a lady one of my kindness cards in the store one day, and as I was going to my car, she shouted to me from two car rows over that the card “made her day”!

Another time, we were staying at a motel and were looking for someone to give a card to. Walking down the hallway, I saw the door to the laundry room half open. I walked in and asked the lady if she had ever been given a thank-you or a tip for her work. “No,” she said, “I never have.” So, I gave her a kindness card and a tip. She was lost for words. We also gave one to the hotel manager since he deals with a lot of unhappy and tired people looking for rooms. He said, “You are the one that gave the card and tip to my laundry lady. She was so excited that someone cared.”

Looking through a gift shop one day, I saw a framed quilt piece that had two words on it: KINDNESS MATTERS. I had to buy it! It hangs on our wall. Since then, I have had a ball cap and a shirt printed up with a smiley face and those two words on them.

Don Carter wears his mantra proudly on his hat. He also had a shirt made with the same message.

We experienced kindness a few weeks ago. Our pastor and his son removed the snow from our driveway and sidewalks. Madison County Public Health has done a great job with COVID-19 vaccine shots. The volunteers were a great help, making sure our paperwork was ok and that we were in the right line for the shot. One day, the snow was deep and the temperature was only 8 degrees, and they were still there to help. Great job!

Jesus is our example: His time here on earth was being kind (eph.4:32). Showing compassion, helping others and being generous–we should do no less.

The season is getting ready to change, and it will be a great time for the young people to help people of all ages with their yardwork.

We all have a desire to be needed. Many people need a kind word or deed to give them encouragement and hope. Call them or send them a card, e-mail or text.

You will find out that helping others will make your problems so much smaller. We all know someone who needs help. My hope is that everyone reading this story will help someone soon.

It will make a difference in your life!

Don Carter

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