Jousting a highlight at ye olde Renaissance Faire

Messenger photos by Sarah Thomas
Visitors look on as a member of the Combatant’s Keep-Historical Entertainment group performs a jousting demonstration. This demonstration is part of the Reformation Renaissance Faire happening at Pastime Park every Saturday and Sunday through Oct. 8.

(Posted Sept. 28, 2017)

By Sarah Thomas, Staff Writer

Unseasonably hot weather may have impacted visitors to the Reformation Renaissance Faire at Pastime Park in Plain City on Sept. 23.

The faire, hosted by St. John’s Lutheran Church in Marysville, runs every Saturday and Sunday through Oct. 8. The event is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

Visitors can experience jousting demonstrations, live music, period character actors and a Renaissance market, according to the Faire’s website,

Opening weekend was Sept. 23-24, with the high temperature on Saturday reaching 92 degrees.

The heat may have kept visitors away, cast members of the Ohio Landsknecht group said. Ohio Landsknecht is an historical re-enactment company that recreates the guards who were assigned to protect Martin Luther, the founder of the protestant church in the 16th century.

There were only around 50 people in attendance for the 4 p.m. jousting demonstration performed by Combatant’s Keep-Historical Entertainment.

Kevin Neumann, an actor for the Ohio Landsknecht group, plays a colorful court fool called Klaus der Narr. He teaches guests how to play a medieval gambling game called glückshaus, or Lucky House.

The demonstration included two members dressed as knights who went through an obstacle course on horseback with different weapons to earn points.

They then performed a joust, which is when the knights come from the opposite ends of the field and attempt to earn points by breaking the lance of their opponent.

However, the joust ended in a draw due to the heat. Both knights were in full medieval armor.

According to members of the Combatant’s Keep group, temperatures reached up to 130 degrees inside the helmets.

Visitors had the opportunity to meet and talk with members of the group after the demonstration.

In addition to the joust, cast members from Ohio Landsknecht re-enacted period games and demonstrations, such as how to make lace.  Kevin Neumann, a cast member who performs under the name of Klaus der Narr, portrays a fool and teaches guests how to play glückshaus, or lucky house.

Neumann has participated in this group since 2006. He has performed at the Ohio Renaissance Festival and other re-enactment events, called Timeline events.

“If you want history, you go to a timeline event; if you want entertainment, you go to a Ren Fair,” Neumann said. “One of the interesting things that I like about this group (Landsknecht) is everybody has their own special interest.”

Some of the market stalls included jewelry, clothes and essential oils. Food is also available through local food trucks.

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