Jackson Township to regulate nuisance noise


By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

Local law enforcement agencies have been given a new tool to address public nuisance complaints within Jackson Township.

At its meeting in early July, the board of trustees unanimously approved a resolution that aims to regulate unnecessary noise within its boundary areas.

This action will give law enforcement agencies the authority to cite violators if they determine certain sounds or noises have gone “beyond that which is essential to everyday living.”

Township Administrator Shane Farnsworth said the trustees do not field too many complaints related to unnecessary levels of noise, but he added the officials needed to take action to address complaints that have been deemed to be a nuisance by the neighboring public.

“We did not have anything in place for our deputies to refer to when they had to come out on a noise complaint to a business or residence,” he said. “The resolution that was passed will provide them with a solid blueprint to make a determination of what is an acceptable level of noise within the township.”

The resolution provides examples of noises which may be considered a violation if the pitch is too high or the frequency too long. It includes horns, radios, televisions, musical instruments, internal combustion engines and yelling and shouting.

The resolution also includes other noises from motor vehicles; if one is found to be “jake-breaking,” the human offender could be fined a maximum of $100.

Officials noted engine-breaking offenses have significantly gone down due to more technologically advanced vehicles on the road today.

While the latter noise restriction applies throughout the township, the former list does not. According to Farnsworth, the noise resolution will only apply to certain areas within its boundaries.

“It is geared toward the areas that have a Class D liquor permit or are otherwise in a residential setting,” he said. “This resolution does not apply to agricultural equipment and it does not apply to the industrial areas of Jackson Township.”

The resolution to regulate unnecessary noise within the township went into effect immediately after it was signed by the trustees.


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