Jackson Township selected as a vaccine provider

By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

The Jackson Township Fire Department could soon be giving members of the community a shot in the arm.

At a recent board of trustees meeting, Fire Chief Randy Little announced that the department has been selected by the Ohio Department of Health to become a local COVID-19 vaccination provider.

“This is exciting for us because the faster we can get this vaccine provided to the community, the faster we can make a difference as far as public health goes,” he said.

Little said a number of department personnel have been shadowing county health workers for the past several months, learning the proper vaccination protocols and helping the providers administer the vaccination to the community at large.

The department’s recent designation as a COVID-19 vaccination provider does not mean they can set up shop for the shot anytime soon, however.

“There are still logistics we are fine-tuning right now,” said Deputy Fire Chief Shawn Quincel.

Quincel said that there is some confusion as to where the hub will be located (he mentioned it could be at any one of the stations or even the township administrative building) and added that there are still questions as to how many doses they will receive.

“Those are answers we do not have right now,” he said, “but we are working on it and we hope we can get started soon.”

Little said the department will be able to administer the Moderna vaccine instead of the Pfizer vaccine, and that is because of the latter’s deep freeze temperatures required to safely store it.

“The Pfizer vaccine requires sub-zero refrigeration and we do not have that refrigeration capability,” he said.

And while the Moderna vaccine is also temperature sensitive, it is not quite at the level of the Pfizer vaccine.

“We will be able to safely store and administer it,” he said, referring to the Moderna vaccine.

For information on who is currently eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, visit the Ohio Department of Health’s website at www.odh.ohio.gov or coronavirus.ohio.gov.

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