JA booster club starts athletics fan card program

(Posted July 27, 2016)

By Sandi Latimer, Staff Writer

Starting this fall, the Jonathan Alder Athletic Boosters will give program sup-porters a chance to be card-carrying fans.

Boosters Club President Melissa Pollom explained the program at the July 21 school board meeting.

To become a card-carrying fan, a person must first become a member of the Boosters Club, which costs $10 per family. That person then can purchase two cards at $100 each. Each card allows the holder 20 entries into admission-charging contests, such as home football, volleyball and soccer games.

Fans must join the Boosters Club by Oct. 1 to be eligible to purchase the cards. They can purchase up to two cards per persons for the fall and winter seasons.

“This is not a money maker,” Pollom stressed, “but it can save the holder some money.”

For instance, if the cost of admission is $6, the cost of attending 20 games would be $120. The card holder paid $100 for those 20 admissions. Each time a card holder attends an admission-charging game, the card is presented at the gate to be punched.

There is no limit to the number of punches per game, Pollom said. When the card has 20 punches, it expires and should be turned in to the Boosters Club. The card also expires at the end of the fall season. It is not good for post-season competition. Another card must be purchased for the winter sports of boys’ and girls’ basketball. Spring sports do not charge admission.

Boosters Club leaders will turn over money from card purchases to the school. That money is the same as would be collected at the gate.

“This is only a pilot program for this year,” Pollom said. “We’ll be tracking the cards as they are turned in to see how they are being used.”

The goal is to gain more members for the Boosters Club and increase partici-pation and volunteerism, Pollom said. With a card, the fan doesn’t have to worry about carrying much cash. She also hopes that the community will purchase cards and attend games, thus increasing the number of fans in the stands.

Board member Steve Votaw asked if other schools have similar programs. Pol-lom confirmed that others do.

“We used to have this when the school was down there,” said board member Tom Bichsel, motioning toward the junior high school, formerly the high school. “It never paid off.”

Pollom hopes to have cards available early next month since the football season starts in mid-August.

As information for this program becomes available, it will be posted at www.JonathanAlderPioneers.com.

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