It’s raining marshmallows!

Messenger photos by Rick Palsgrove
Marshmallows filled the air and covered the ground at the Marshmallow Drop, held in Cruiser Park on April 8, as a helicopter from Due North Aviation dropped 40,000 marshmallows for kids to collect and exchange for candy. The Groveport Recreation Center brought back the marshmallow drop, which was last held 10 years ago.
Kids begin their dash to gather marshmallows that dropped to the ground from a helicopter at Groveport’s Cruiser Park.
There were so many thousands of marshmallows that not all of them could be loaded on the helicopter to be dropped from the air. So Stephania Bernard of the Groveport Recreation Center dragged a bag along the ground to distribute more marshmallows to be picked up by the kids.
The Easter Bunny visiting with the crowd at the marshmallow drop in Groveport’s Cruiser Park.
Stephania Bernard of the Groveport Recreation Center helps out the Easter Bunny by carrying buckets of candy to be distributed to the kids.


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