Its always tea time at Little Mz. Diva in Whitehall


 Messenger photo by Dianne Garrett

Enjoying a tea party at Little Mz. Diva Tea House are Jalia Berry, Tatiana Jordan, Makayla Scott and Jayona Ford.  Standing are hostesses Brandi Jordan, owner Annette Scott and hostess Raven Matthews.  The tea house opened Mother’s Day weekend at 283 S. Hamilton Road.  Prior to the tea party the little girls go to a dressing room and choose their party outfits and makeup.

Did you know that tea is more popular today than ever in America?  

Hotels offer it along with coffee service.  Some bed and breakfasts now have tea time prior to dinner like the English tradition, complete with scones, pastries and sandwiches.  

There are even those who offer a pianist to play soft music as guests sip and relax.

For centuries, little girls have had tea parties with their stuffed animals, dolls and friends.  

Tea rooms have been popping up all over the country the past several years, and Whitehall is no exception.  Annette Scott opened Little Mz. Diva Tea House at 283 S. Hamilton Road on Mother’s Day Weekend.  Appropriately, her own mother, Rita Smith, was on hand for that event.

Scott recently retired from Delphi General Motors, and wanted to have her own business.  She has also been a foster parent with Franklin County for 16 years,  has fostered 50 teenage girls, and was named Foster Parent of the Year in 2001.  

So it was only fitting that she get her current charges and family members involved.  She wanted her girls to learn something about business, so she asked for their input, and taught them how to start a business.  

They were with her throughout the process of acquiring a building, setting up the operation, decorating and distributing fliers.  Scott’s best friend, Sheila Freeman, and her mother also helped with the decorating.

The building is a cheerful setting with flowers painted free-hand along one hall by Smith’s 80-year-old grandmother, Juanita Johnson.  The tea room makes one feel they are sipping  tea in a garden.  

Part of the fun, however, begins as soon as the girls arrive.  They go to a pink, frilly dressing room to choose their dresses, jewelry, gloves, tiaras, and even makeup for the party.  

There is room for 12 guests, and even a cozy room tucked in the back for moms to wait for their children, and enjoy some tea themselves.  The whole idea is relaxation and fun for everyone.

The girls do arts and crafts projects before being served.  Then Scott or her hostesses, Brandi Jordan and Raven Matthews, explain the proper way to hold a tea cup and basic etiquette.  A cold tea-punch, for safety reasons, is served with fancy little tea sandwiches, cookies and fruit.

Moms can get hot or iced tea.  The  2-1/2 hour parties are available for adults, as well.

At a recent party, the guests were Jalia Berry, Tatiana Jordan, Makayla Scott and Jayona Ford.  Jayona said that they learn to be polite.  Tatiana said that it is a nice time to be able to quietly talk with friends.  All four agreed that the makeup, dressing up, along with the crafts was all a lot of fun.

The basic age of customers is 4-11, but there have been some 3-year-olds.  The parties are great for any special occasion or event, especially birthdays.  

Scott also offers a group photo in a Diva frame as a remembrance.  Other photo options and DVD are also available for purchase.

For information about party packages, contact Scott at 774-5935 or by email at

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