Input sought on Groveport skatepark


Citizens will have the opportunity to offer their input regarding the construction of a proposed skateboard park in Groveport.

A public meeting about the skatepark will be held on July 10 at 6 p.m. in the Ohio and Erie rooms of the Groveport Recreation Center, 7370 Groveport Road.

Groveport Parks and Recreation Director Kyle Lund said anyone – including children, teenagers, and adults – is welcome to attend the meeting.

The meeting will include discussions regarding the pros and cons of potential sites for the skatepark, a review of previous skatepark designs, a review of skaters’ wants and needs, a potential site plan, and fund raising.

"It is important for the village to receive input from the public regarding the potential for a skate park," said Lund. "The construction of a skatepark is a costly venture. Village staff will note all comments and share the attendee comments, recommendations and concerns with Groveport Village Council for consideration."

When asked about potential sites for a skatepark, Lund said, "The only site currently identified by village staff is Groveport Park. This site was identified in the Groveport Park Master Plan, which was created by EMH&T and village staff in 2004. Additional sites may be considered based off the meetings between the village and the Groveport Madison Local School District and Madison Township."

At its June 18 meeting, council expressed an interest in proceeding with plans for a skatepark at a site yet to be determined. Council also suggested that village officials contact Groveport Madison and Madison Township officials to see if they would consider partnering with the village regarding the potential skatepark’s location and construction.

In March 2005 council abandoned earlier plans for a proposed skatepark in Groveport Park when estimates to construct it spiraled to $337,845.

Then, in the summer of 2005, Councilwoman Jean Ann Hilbert introduced new legislation to construct a skatepark that limited the maximum cost to build it at $150,000. However, council also rejected that proposal due to the cost.

Hilbert resurrected the skatepark proposal at council’s May 29 meeting. She noted the lack of a skatepark means skateboarders use other venues – such as church, school, or commercial properties – to perfect their tricks. She stated private property owners don’t want skateboarders wheeling about on the concrete steps and sidewalks of their property due to safety hazards and damage to the property. She said there is a danger of the skateboarders also getting injured when riding in these areas.

On June 18, Village Administrator Jon Crusey presented council with an estimate of $51,100 for fencing and an 8,000 square foot concrete pad (about the size of a full court basketball court) for a skatepark. This figure does not include the cost of equipment that would be installed at the proposed skatepark.

Lund said skateboarders can get involved with the proposed skatepark project by attending the July 10 meeting at the recreation center.

"Skaters should attend the meeting so they can share their ideas with village staff and one another," said Lund. "The village will then create a data base of persons attending the meeting and keep them informed of future meetings and happenings surrounding the potential for a skatepark."

For information about the skatepark meeting call Lund at 836-1000.

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