Infrastructure improvements and new Kroger planned for Reynoldsburg

By Christine Bryant
Staff Writer

Reynoldsburg residents will see several key infrastructure improvements this summer, as well as the first phase of construction that will bring a new Kroger store to town.

The grocery chain is planning a new 100,000-square-foot store at the corner of East Main Street and Rosehill Road.

Bill Sampson, director of public service for the city of Reynoldsburg, said demolition of the surface-level structures at the construction site will begin in early July, and is expected to take 60 days.

“Kroger intends to build and have operational the fueling center in 2017,” Sampson said. “The shopping center will be constructed in 2018.”

The new store is expected to be more than twice the size of the Kroger located at 6962 E. Main St., which will remain open until the new Kroger store is completed and open for business. This should occur mid-year 2019, said Dan Havener, development director for the city of Reynoldsburg.

In the meantime, the city will work with Arshot Investment Corporation, owners of the Reynoldsburg Center, on future redevelopment opportunities for the old Kroger site, Havener said.

Also this year, the city will begin several infrastructure repair and replacement projects.
Sanitary sewer rehabilitation work will take place on several of the sanitary sewer lines along Rocky Den Road, Rocky Den Court, Red Fox Court, Red Fox Road, Olde Mill Run, Hunt Valley Drive and Roundelay Road North.

Because sanitary sewers in this neighborhood are located in the rear yards, work will require the city’s contractor and inspector to have access into the rear yard sewer easements, Sampson said.

Though the project requires access to the manholes, it will not require the contractor to dig in yards, he said. In all, 6,250 linear feet of sanitary sewer will be repaired and rehabilitated, Sampson said.

Work will begin in July and be completed by October, he said.

The city also will replace the storm sewers on Graham Road from Blacklick Creek, north of the five-way intersection, to Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church; Rodebaugh Road from Dysart Ditch to Brightstone Drive; Creekside Place; and Dickens Drive.

This project will replace about 2,150 linear feet of aged and deteriorated storm sewer, Sampson said. These projects will cause temporary roadway lane closures and detours, and the city will provide updates on the progress of construction and traffic pattern changes on its website.

Work on this project is expected to occur between July and October as well.

The total expected costs for all the stormwater and sanitary projects, as well as plans to replace the aged and undersized water main in East Main Street from Lancaster Avenue to Waggoner Road, is about $2.5 million.

“The city of Reynoldsburg makes a determination of street resurfacing and repair projects based on a priority rating system that considers the age and overall condition of the street,” Sampson said.

The priority list is developed in anticipation of possible funding, he said.

“The project list may be altered depending upon costs, other construction activity or weather,” Sampson said. “The 2017 income tax increase will have a significant impact on the city’s budget for planned improvements.”

While the city’s 2017 street program is finished, officials are now planning which streets will be on the 2018 list that also will include repaving a couple parking lots in the city’s parks.

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