Hoye named to advisory panel

At the March 26 Prairie Township Board of Trustees meeting, members appointed Ashley Hoye Sr. to fill the township’s vacated seat on the Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel.

“We appointed him for a number of reasons,” said Prairie Township Administrator Tracy Hatmaker. “He had board experience with the Westland Area Business Association and the Westland Area Commission, he manages a large tract of land within the Watershed and he also lives right on the creek.”

Originally from Australia, Hoye is currently the manager of the Darby Dan Farm and has been a Prairie Township resident since 2001.

“Since I live right on the Darby, it is easy to keep on eye on it and the development within the Big Darby Creek,” Hoye said.

The Advisory Panel shares responsibility with the local governing jurisdictions involved with the Big Darby Accord by reviewing zoning applications and site development plans that are in terms of accordance with the Accord plan.

“I was quite honored to be asked to be a part of this,” Hoye said.

For the past three months, Hatmaker and Prairie Township Chairperson Nicole Schlosser have been interviewing possible candidates to fill the position and the remaining two-year tenure of Bruce White.

“I think he will be the perfect fit for this panel not only because he will have a perspective from living in the area, but I feel he will represent our township very well,” Schlosser said.


At the meeting, it was announced that the Inah Avenue Reconstruction Project has received the go-ahead to start construction as soon as possible.

The project has been estimated to cost $1.2 million to complete and is being headed up by George S. Igel & Company.

“They’ll be doing a vertical realignment to level out the area,” said Hatmaker. “They’ll also be doing a regrade to the curbs, gutters, sidewalks and an improvement to the drainage systems.”

Hatmaker added that construction will begin in April or May. The project is scheduled to be completed by October.

In other township news

At the meeting, Road Superintendent Dave McAninch announced that the Prairie Township Road Department would be doing road sweeps throughout the township on April 7, weather permitting.

McAninch requested that all residents have their vehicles cleared on that day, between the times of 7 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Also, the Lincoln Village Neighborhood Association will be holding a Spring Clean-Up on Saturday, April 5.

They are requesting volunteers interested in helping “pitch” in to clean the area parks, come to Prairie Township Senior Center at 9 a.m. that morning. The senior center is located at 4656 West Broad St.

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