How much money did the candidates raise?

There were few big spenders among the Southeast Franklin County area candidates who ran for elected office on Nov. 6.

What follows is a review of the candidates’ campaign financial reports on file at the Franklin County Board of Elections.

(Note: some candidates filed waivers instead of financial reports. A candidate can file a waiver if: they spent less than $500; the annual salary for the office they sought is less than $5,000; or if they were running for either a township office or for school board.)

Canal Winchester

•The hotly contested race for mayor saw some of the largest fund raising in the area as incumbent Jeff Miller raised $8,106 while write-in candidate and winner Mike Ebert totaled $3,423.

Ebert’s largest contributor was Robert Wood, who donated $500. Other individuals contributed amounts ranging from $250 to $50.

Randall Smith contributed $3,986 and the Wiles, Boyle, Burkholder, Bringardner PAC gave $1,598 to Miller’s campaign.

•In the village council race, James Baltzer, Jeff Bond, and Stacey Boumis filed waivers.

Rick Deeds raised $1,193 including 14 checks from individuals ranging from $200 to $25.

Marilyn Rush-Ekleberry had $953 on hand from individual donations from $100 to $25.


Melanie White had $422 from individual contributions from $222 to $50.

Bruce Jarvis had $385 with contributions ranging from $100 to $25 from six individuals.

Jarvis, Rush-Ekleberry, and Deeds won seats on council.

•The school board race saw David Brobst, Susan Martin, and Tom Reed file waivers.

Amy Hockman raised $975 of her own money. John Kantner used $405 of his own funds.

Brobst and Kantner won board seats.


•In the mayor’s race, incumbent and winner Lance Westcamp raised $801 of his own funds.

A financial report for his challenger, Dan Knode, could not be located at the Franklin County Board of Elections. In an interview Dec. 28, Knode stated he filed the report on time and that he spent around $1,000 of his own money on his campaign.

•In the village council race, Jean Ann Hilbert and Jan Stoots filed waivers.

Shawn Cleary raised $790, $540 of which was his own money while another $250 was contributed by Dr. John Meyers of Canal Winchester.

The remaining candidates all used their own funds including John Hone at $199, Mary Mashburn at $266, and Mark Pettay at $200.

Cleary and Hilbert won the election.

•Groveport Madison school board candidates – Teresa Burch, Duane Dailey, Nathan Slonaker, and Steven Slyh  filed waivers while Mary Tedrow’s report showed she raised $1,150 of her own money for the campaign.

Tedrow, Slonaker, and Slyh won seats on the board.


•Mayor Rod Davisson had the most money on hand for the village’s mayoral race as he raised $3,616 of his own funds. Challengers Louise Crabtree had $377 of her own money and Gary Pulley used $212 of his own funds. Davisson won the race.

•In the council race, Patricia Altevogt used $556 of her own funds and Greg Scott had $490 of his money. James Wiley filed a waiver.

Scott and Wiley won council seats.

Madison Township

•Winner Susan Brobst and challengers Thomas Rinehart and Charles Johnson filed waivers.

Challenger Ed Dildine had $1,470, including $740 worth of donations from individuals ranging from $100 to $10 as well as contributions from the AFL-CIO for $200 and the IBEW Electrical Union for $250.

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