Hollywood actress has Whitehall ties


When the movie, "Get Smart" opens on June 20, former Pickerington resident, Lindsay Hollister, will be dancing her way across the big screen with actor/comedian Steve Carell.  

Hollister is the daughter of retired Whitehall Yearling High School art teacher and theatre director, Jan Plank.  

"I am very excited for people to see this film, especially our scene. I really think it will be one of the most memorable scenes in the film," said Hollister.  "After several premiers in Los Angeles, it was voted as the best scene in the movie by viewers."  

She said working with Carell and Anne Hathaway was a dream.  

"I’ve been a huge fan of Steve’s since the movie, ‘Forty Year Old Virgin.’ I was surprised to work with two of the biggest names in Hollywood, and find no ego at all between them," she said.  

Hollister described the stars as gracious, genuine, and down to earth.  She was lucky enough to be invited to a dinner with the writers, producers, director, Carell and Hathaway and shared that the group spent hours laughing at the dinner table listening to Carell’s funny stories.

Hollister started acting in high school, and continued to study the craft at Miami University of Ohio, where she received a bachelor’s fine arts degree in theatre performance. She then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television.  

About a year later, she was cast as Christine Banks in Fox’s hit show "Boston Public." After four episodes, David E. Kelley submitted her for Emmy consideration in the category of outstanding guest star.  This lead to numerous other guest appearances on such shows as "ER," "Strong Medicine," "Any Day Now," "Popular," and the opportunity to originate the character of Susan Adamson on NBC’s popular daytime series, "Days of Our Lives."

Since then, Hollister has continued to guest star in television having gained most recognition from her roles in "Nip/Tuck," "Law and Order: SVU," "Joan of Arcadia," "Cold Case," "Big Love," "Desperate Housewives," "Scrubs," and "My Name Is Earl."  

In May she appeared on "CSI NY."   She was the star character when in "Cold Case," and that episode received the highest ratings of the show’s history.

Hollister has also appeared in the movies "Postal," "Disfigured," "Puff Puff Pass," "Bachelor Party," Vegas," "Sex and the Teenage Mind," "From Bubba With Love," and "Cinderella Story," starring Hillary Duff.

After retirement, Plank joined her daughter in Los Angeles. Hollister said that her mom has adjusted well to the southern California lifestyle. She accompanies her daughter to auditions, helping her run lines. Hollister noted that it enables her to use the car pool lanes, and when she can’t find a parking space, her mom drops her off. When Hollister guest starred on "Earl," mother joined daughter as a walk-on. She is currently teaching theater part-time at a private elementary school in the valley.

Hollister is not working on anything right now.  The industry is still recovering from the four month writers’ strike, and getting ready for a possible Screen Actors Guild strike at the end of the month.  

"They are hoping it doesn’t happen, but in the meantime, several projects have been put on hold," said Hollister.

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