Holiday sounds of Sweet Adelines to grace Groveport Town Hall stage

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Hear holiday songs performed with the soaring barbershop style harmonies of the Columbus Chorus Chapter of Sweet Adelines at a special festive concert at Groveport Town Hall.

“We wanted to have a holiday concert and Sweet Adelines was selected  because the group presents a fun concert performance,” said Cristy Duckworth, program coordinator at Groveport Town Hall.

The free holiday concert by the women’s barbershop chorus will be Dec. 11 from 6-6:45 p.m. in the second floor ballroom of Groveport Town Hall, 648 Main St.

The Columbus Chorus is part of Sweet Adelines International, which formed in 1945 in Oklahoma as a women’s organization that performs barbershop style harmonic singing. The group gets its name from the  song, “(You’re the Flower of My Heart) Sweet Adeline,” a barbershop singing standard written by Richard Gerard and Harry Armstrong in 1903.

Barbershop a cappella singing is noted for its use of ringing chords and harmonies. A ringing chord has been defined as one where overtones are created as voices reinforce one another to present a rich, distinct tone even though none of the singular voices are creating that tone individually.

“Barbershop is one of only two truly American musical art forms, jazz being the other,” said Becky Soles, a member of the Columbus Chorus Chapter of Sweet Adelines. “Without instrumentation, the training of the ears and mind of the singer is key to producing the unique chord structure of the barbershop style. A cappella singing touches the audiences because of the human connection the music creates.”

The Columbus Chorus Chapter of Sweet Adelines formed 58 years ago and now has 75 members.

Duckworth said 34 members of the Columbus Chorus Sweet Adelines group will perform at the Groveport Town Hall concert.

“Yes, the group is all ladies!” said Duckworth. “They’ll be singing a variety of seasonal and holiday favorites.”

Besides what will be performed at Town Hall, the chorus also performs old standards, popular songs from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, as well as show tunes, according  to Soles.

Soles said the Columbus Chorus Chapter of Sweet Adelines is made up of a diverse group “of talented ladies of all ages and from different walks of life. Our love of singing provides us an outlet from life’s issues and we have become a sisterhood of friends.”

Duckworth said Groveport Town Hall has hosted a variety of concerts over the years, included Celtic bands, folk music performances, classical music quintets, and jazz bands. However, she said this holiday concert will be a unique experience for the listener.

“Sweet Adelines is different from other musical groups that have performed at Town Hall because they are a women’s a cappella group that sing in the ‘barbershop style,’” said Duckworth.

Soles said the Columbus Chorus is a well respected chapter of Sweet Adelines International.

“We love to share our musical style with our community, family, and friends,” said Soles. “And we are ready to welcome all women to come join us in our love of singing and performing.”

For information on the Columbus Chorus Chapter of Sweet Adelines, visit

For information on their upcoming concert at Groveport Town Hall, call (614) 836-3333.

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