“Holiday Hi-Jinks” at the Evans Senior Center

Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
The E.L. Evans Senior Center in-house acting group is ready to delight the masses with a “crowd pleasing” Christmas production that is slated to begin next week. From Dec. 5 through Dec. 7, the Showstoppers will host four performances in the afternoon and evening of “Holiday Hi-Jinks”, a largely original work which director Tom Cash called a “wacky and warm adventure that will make audiences laugh and cry and get into the Christmas spirit.” According to Cash, who also wrote two of the stories within the production, “Holiday Hi-Jinks” will consist of three short plays – one revolving around the unexpected retirement of Santa Claus, another focusing on the “talented” singers and performers auditioning for “The North Pole’s Got Talent”, and the third being a fast-track adaptation of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” Several Showstoppers will also provide live music during the intermission and set changes. The performances will be held at the E.L Evans Senior Center, located at 4330 Dudley Ave. in Grove City, at 1 p.m. on Dec. 5; 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Dec. 6; and 1 p.m. on Dec.7. Admission is free but donations to the local food pantry will be accepted. Pictured here offering a sneak peek of “Holiday Hi-Jinks” at a dress rehearsal on Nov. 28 are actors Donna Christensen (left) and Carol Lindquist. They are portraying sister chickens who are auditioning for a spot on “The North Pole’s Got Talent” and slowly come to the realization that they just might be on the menu.
Mike Latella will be portraying a Snowman who does a “killer” re-enactment of “A Wizard of Oz” as he auditions for a spot on “The North Pole’s Got Talent.”
Priscilla Killman, Dixie Roberts, and Donna Christensen (pictured from left to right) react to one of the cigar-smoking candidates who are vying to replace Santa Claus after his unexpected retirement.
Members of the E.L. Evans Senior Center Showstoppers showcase some of the costumes that will be on display in the production of “Holiday Hi-Jinks.” Pictured from left to right are Carol Lindquist, Mike Latella, Karen McCleary, Ron Strader, John Hamilton, Dixie Roberts, and Linda Morris.
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