Historical snapshot

Photo courtesy of the Bexley Historical Society
In 1908, when Bexley officially became a village, they had no meeting hall or municipal building. Council meetings were held in various places such as Capital University and the basement of the Old Main Street School. In 1923, Bexley Village Council passed an ordinance approving a $2500 expenditure to build a village hall.  The wood frame structure shown above was ready for use by the late 1920s and was the "City Hall" until 1950 when the current City Hall was built on the same site, 2242 E. Main St.  The frame garage next to the municipal building housed equipment, which by 1930 included four cars, two motorcycles and a fire engine. You can still see part of the old Village Hall. Drive north on Cassady Avenue, and just past the railroad tracks, turn west onto Margaret Street.  There, attached behind another building, is the old municipal building. This pen and ink sketch is by Edie Mae Herrel.
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