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By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Photos courtesy of Councilman Jack Rupp and the Groveport Police Department
The first of the giant superloads heading to projects in Licking County passed through the Groveport area from March 8-10. Pictured here is the first super load as it began to enter the intersection of State Route 317 and Groveport Road.

The first shipment of the giant things passed through southeastern Franklin County from March 8-10.

“This first super load was one of the smaller ones that will pass through the area this year,” said Groveport Police Chief Casey Adams. “This one was on its way to a project in Hebron, which is not related to the Intel project in Licking County.”

Adams said this first shipment rolled through the area from Rickenbacker Airport to Old Bixby Road in less than two hours.

“There were no big problems,” said Adams. “One stop sign had to be moved and the truck and the load went slightly over a curb at Opus Drive and Green Pointe Drive South.”

The first superload passes through the intersection of State Route 317 and Groveport Road. The shipment switched over to the southbound lanes for the trip to Old Bixby Road where it would stop for the day.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, these super loads will pass through the area several times this year. They arrive in Manchester, Ohio, via barge and each load will move onto a semi-truck and be transported via a predetermined route to either New Albany or Hebron. Most of the loads are associated with Intel’s semiconductor campus in Licking County. The other destination is Freepoint EcoSystems’ advanced recycling facility just north of Hebron. The loads will not contain any hazardous material.

The first superload as it makes the turn at Opus Drive and Green Pointe Drive South heading north to east.

ODOT officials said some of the loads will could weigh up to 900,000 pounds, be 19 feet wide, 24 feet high, and 270 feet long. Each oversized and overweight load will take approximately 8-15 days to reach its destination from Manchester. While no long-term closures or detours are planned, slow-rolling roadblocks will be necessary during transit, and drivers should plan ahead for long delays along the route.

In Groveport, these shipments may require southbound traffic to be diverted for portions of State Route 317 during which some super load trucks will travel northbound in the southbound lanes between Groveport Road and Bixby Road to ensure clearance of utility lines and traffic signals. Each super load truck is escorted by several Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers, vehicles from ODOT, and vehicles from the heavy hauler companies. Crews will move power lines and traffic signals out of the way and resolve other needs that arise.

At Opus Drive and Green Pointe Drive South, the rear portion of the shipment went up over the curb. Workers are shown here placing heavy planks on the ground so the wheels would not get bogged down in the mud.

According to city of Groveport officials, the city is collaborating with ODOT, Madison Township Police and Fire Departments, and other first responder partners to ensure emergency vehicles can get around the super load trucks. Large electronic message boards are placed at key locations along the expected travel route in advance of each shipment to inform motorists of the impending obstacle to their commute.

Visit or download the OHGO mobile app to review real-time traffic updates. For information visit

The route

The first super load parked on Old Bixby Road.

Here is the expected route for the super loads in Pickaway, Franklin, and Licking counties:

•Travel north on U.S. 23 to Chillicothe.
•Take U.S. 35 west to State Route 104 north.
•Take 104 north to State Route 762 near Commercial Point.
•Travel east on State Route 762 to Rickenbacker Parkway.
•Travel north on Rickenbacker Parkway North to Alum Creek Drive.
•Travel north on Alum Creek Drive to Rohr Road.
•Travel east on Rohr Road to Commerce Center Drive.
•Travel north on Commerce Center Drive to Green Pointe Drive South.
•Travel east on Green Pointe Drive South to Saltzgaber Road.
•Travel south on Saltzgaber Road to State Route 317.
•Travel north in the southbound lanes on State Route 317 to Bixby Road. Be advised that this maneuver requires southbound traffic along State Route 317 to be temporarily diverted between Groveport Road and Bixby Road.
•Travel east on Bixby Road to U.S. 33.
•Travel east in the westbound lanes of U.S. 33 to the Gender Road southbound to U.S. 33 westbound ramp in Canal Winchester. Be advised that this maneuver requires westbound travel along U.S. 33 to be temporarily suspended.
•Travel the wrong way on the Gender Road southbound to U.S. 33 westbound ramp. Be advised that this maneuver may require traffic on Gender Road to be temporarily halted and the entrance ramp onto westbound U.S. 33 from Gender Road to be temporary closed to other traffic.
•Take State Route 674/Gender Road north to Brice Road.
•Take Brice Road north to the intersection with Tussing Road/State Route 204 in Columbus.
•Travel east on Tussing Road/State Route 204 east to State Route 310.
•Travel north on State Route 310 to U.S. 40 in Etna.

Loads traveling to New Albany or loads traveling to Hebron:

•Travel west on U.S. 40 to Etna Parkway.
•Travel north on Etna Parkway to State Route 16.
•Travel east on State Route 16 to State Route 310.
•Travel north on State Route 310 to State Route 161.
•Travel west on State Route 161 to local roads.
•Travel east on U.S. 40 to State Route 79 in Hebron.
•Travel the wrong way on the State Route 79 southbound off ramp to U.S. 40.
•Travel north in the southbound lanes on State Route 79 to local roads.

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