Hendron Road traffic signal to be replaced soon

Rick Palsgrove

Southeast Editor

The Franklin County Engineer plans to soon replace and update the traffic signal at the intersection of Hendron Road and Glendening Drive/Marlowa Drive.

“The county engineer told us they want to replace the traffic signal before we (the city of Groveport) start the Hendron Road improvements,” said Groveport City Engineer Steve Farst.  “The traffic signal is in the county engineer’s jurisdiction. The replacement is not part of our Hendron Road improvement project, but the county independently decided to upgrade the equipment.”

According to Fritz Crosier, traffic engineer for the Franklin County Engineer’s Office, the existing traffic signal does not meet current Franklin County standards.

“It is an old traffic signal, built decades ago, supported by wooden poles,” said Crosier. “The newly proposed traffic signal will be supported by steel strain poles, will have a ground mounted controller cabinet, and be equipped with a battery backup system for continuous, uninterrupted operation during power outages.”

Crosier said Franklin County will pay for the existing signal to be rebuilt and that the county is in the process of getting an estimate.

“The city of Groveport is not responsible for paying for the new traffic signal,” said Farst.
Crosier said the traffic signal will be replaced prior to the start of Groveport’s Hendron Road improvement project.

“Our signal reconstruction is dependent upon crew availability, weather, material lead time, etc.,” said Crosier. “Work could begin as early as the end of this year, but could be delayed into late winter or early spring.”

Work is expected to begin on the city of Groveport’s Hendron Road improvement project in April 2017 with completion estimated by November 2017.

The $2.2 million Hendron Road reconstruction project from Main Street to Glendening Drive is funded by an Ohio Public Works Commission grant of $447,000, a no interest loan of $1.3 million from the county, with the remainder from local funding. The project includes: storm sewers; curb and gutter; streetlights; a shared use 7 foot asphalt path on the west side of the street; a sidewalk on the east side of the street; improved drive approaches, improved crosswalks; pedestrian signaling at Glendening Drive that will be equipped with ADA accessible remote pedestrian pedestals, APS push buttons, and countdown pedestrian signal heads; a 12 inch water main from Main Street to Glendening Drive; and a sidewalk on either the east or west side (still to be determined) of the street from Glendening Drive to Cherry Blossom Drive. Hendron Road will be lowered, which will eliminate the hump on the road near its intersection with Main Street. Hendron Road will remain a two lane street.

Farst said local traffic will be maintained for Hendron Road homeowners,  apartment tenants, businesses, and the two schools – Glendening Elementary and Middle School South during the project. Access will be maintained to Marlowa Drive. Police, fire, and mail delivery service will continue on Hendron Road during the project.

Farst stated through traffic on Hendron Road will most likely be detoured to State Route 317 during the project.

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