Help beautify Reynoldsburg


By Rick Palsgrove
Eastside Editor

You can help keep Reynoldsburg green and full of colorful blooms by volunteering at the city’s annual Plant Reynoldsburg event.

“The event is open to everyone!” said Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Director Donna Bauman.

Plant Reynoldsburg, which has been held since 2003, will be May 9 from 9 a.m. to noon.

Bauman said the event is a chance for people to help beautify the community by planting flowers in the city’s flower beds. Volunteers will meet at Reynoldsburg City Hall, 7232 E. Main St. Plants, many of which are grown over the winter in the city’s greenhouses, are provided by the Parks and Recreation Department. Bring gloves and a trowel if you have them. Some will be available that day. There will be coffee, juice and doughnuts throughout the morning.

“This event is important to the community because it brings residents, young and old, together to beautify our city,” said Bauman. “Planting flowers is a fun and relaxing activity that helps build a sense of community pride and new friendships. This event usually marks the end of frost covered grass and the hope of warmer temperatures.”

Bauman said the event helps the city reduce tax dollars spent on labor for planting flowers.

“Having volunteers plant the flowers saves the taxpayers approximately $1,500,” said Bauman.

Two city-owned greenhouses supply the flowers and plants for Plant Reynoldsburg.

“The conservative estimate is that the city saves about $10,000 to $15,000 per year by growing these plants in-house,” said Bauman. “This estimate takes into account the cost of utilities and greenhouse maintenance.”

The greenhouses provide a variety of flowers and plants for city use.

“There are hanging baskets made up of purple/white, dark purple, and yellow varieties of petunias,” said Bauman. “The main plants that will be growing in the beds will be various colors of petunia for the sunny areas, and hybrid impatiens for the shade. Other plants include blue flossflower, yellow daisy, yellow/purple dahlia, red geranium, white and blue alyssum, blue salvia, and yellow bidens.”

Bauman said the majority of the plantings during Plant Reynoldsburg will take place at city hall and the senior center.

“Our only request is that children be accompanied by an adult,” said Bauman. “Anyone interested in volunteering can call the Parks and Recreation office at (614) 322-6806.”

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