Health Dept. unveils new name and logo


(Posted March 29, 2017)

The Health Department is getting a new name and a new logo. The service they provide will remain excellent, according to Health Commissioner Chris Cook.

Madison County Public Health is replacing the existing name, Madison County-London City Health District. The Madison County Board of Health approved the new name and logo at their regular meeting on March 13. Board President Teresa Ames said the board has been looking forward to rebranding the Health Department.

“We have been working on this for a couple months and now we are ready to roll it out,” Ames said. “Our staff is excited, and we hope the community will be excited as well.”

Cook said his goal is to raise awareness of how involved his staff is in promoting a healthy community.

“Our public health professionals are hard at work each day to not only protect your health, but to look for new ways to promote health and help us all live well and live longer,” he said. “We are always seeking out new partnerships and ways to work with other agencies in the county. I believe that our new name and new logo will help make us more visible in the community.”

The logo was adapted from the National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO) public health logo created 10 years ago. Since the NACCHO logo was first introduced, many local health departments across the nation, including in central Ohio, have adopted a version of the logo. Cook stated that one purpose of adopting a version of the national logo is to “establish universal recognition of public health across jurisdictional boundaries. All across the nation people know the symbols for fire, law enforcement, EMS, and Red Cross. We believe that public health should be just as recognizable.”

The new logo has three components, each with a specific meaning:

  1. The three-pointed shield and stylized plus symbol have universal recognition associated with health, protection, and growth.
  2. The blue, white and khaki colors are the colors of the United States Public Health Service uniforms.
  3. The tag line—Prevent. Promote. Protect.—describes what public health does and achieves in three simple words.

Cook said the new name and logo will begin to appear in all of their public health programs over the coming weeks.

“We feel that the logo and the name ‘public health’ better represent our exceptional, professional service to the citizens of Madison County and our role as the trusted source for health information.”

Madison County Public Health can be reached at (740) 852-3065,,, or via social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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