Halloween in Obetz

By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

Little Obetz ghosts, goblins and scarecrows can rest easy this year knowing they will be able to patrol the streets in search of tasty treats on Beggar’s Night.

Mayor Angie Kirk announced the village is following the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission’s recommendation in holding trick-or-treat the night of Oct. 29.

“If you are passing out treats, make sure your lights are on,” said Kirk.

MORPC Executive Director William Murdock said many local governments have supported a unified trick-or-treat date for central Ohio for years that is based on which day of the week Halloween falls.

“COVID-19 hasn’t changed this,” said Murdock. “Like every other year, communities have cooperated to suggest a common trick-or-treat date and time, and parents should use their discretion and good judgment in deciding whether they allow their children to participate.”

The Franklin County Health Department offers these suggestions to make sure Beggar’s Night is safe and fun for all:

•Children and parents should wear cloth face masks and ensure the masks cover both nose and mouth. Costume masks are not approved protection from the virus.

•Only trick-or-treat with a small group of family members or close friends with whom you typically spend time and maintain social distance from other groups. Wait for them to leave before you go up to a door.

•Take only wrapped candy or treats and wait to be handed candy. Do not reach into large bowls or containers. Stay in your own neighborhood. Do not go into multiple areas.

•For treat givers, designate one person in the household to hand out candy or treats, preferably while remaining outside. Wear a mask. Disinfect doorbells, doorknobs or other high-touch surfaces.

•Do not participate if anyone in your household feels sick, has COVID-19 symptoms or is under isolation or quarantine restrictions. For those at high risk of complications, stay inside and watch trick or treaters from a distance.

In addition to holding Beggar’s Night in Obetz on Oct. 29, Kirk said the village is planning another special activity for residents the following weekend.

“We need some normalcy back,” said Kirk, “but we want to do something out of the ordinary. We want to make sure kids have something fun to do.”
With the anticipated arrival and installation of a larger video screen, the Fortress Obetz

parking lot will be turned into an outdoor cinema with a kid-friendly showing of a Halloween-related movie.

Cars will be parked strategically, which may necessitate a second showing.

“I think we can get 350 cars in there socially distanced,” said Obetz Administrator Rod Davisson.

While dates and times are not finalized, Kirk said the free event is for residents only.

“Some of the staff will probably dress up, but as friendly monsters,” said Kirk, “and we’re thinking of handing out bags of candy to the kids.”

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