Hall named to interim post


Following an executive session on Sept. 18, the Madison-Plains Board of Education voted to name Boone Hall as interim superintendent and to give severance pay to the family of former superintendent Janice Streit, who passed away on Sept. 11.

Prior to Streit’s death, the board had named Hall as assistant superintendent, with the need for his services to be reviewed at the end of 30 days. Following Streit’s death, the Madison/Champaign County Educational Service Center recom-mended that the board name Hall as interim superintendent.

Board President Linda Blankenship said the board will evaluate Hall’s status in early October.

"We feel comfortable that Boone knows the district. I know he’s interested in helping out the district any way he can," she said.

As for how long he will remain as interim superintendent, Hall said, "I’ll be here until we’re back on even keel. Once things have settled down, the board will revisit things and see what we’re going to do."

Blankenship said the board district likely will not start the interview process for a new superintendent until early next year.

The board hired Hall as assistant superintendent on Sept. 6 based on Streit’s wishes. They opted to keep him on as interim superintendent to further honor Streit’s original request that Hall serve the district on a day-to-day basis in her absence, Blankenship said.

Additionally, the board decided to issue $11,686 in severance pay to Streit’s family. The former superintendent’s contract did not include a provision for severance pay, so the board took their cues from the contract given to teachers.

"We are extending to the family the same severance package we would give to teachers, treating her death as an employee the same as retirement," Blankenship said.

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