Groveport’s income tax revenues on the rise; plus another Main Street development

By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

The city of Groveport’s income tax revenue continues on an upward trend.

“Our income tax revenues are outpacing last year’s collections,” said Groveport Finance Director Jason Carr.

According to Carr, the city’s income tax revenue year-to-date as of March 31 was $5.3 million, which is 23 percent higher than the same time in 2021. Carr noted the general fund balance was $4.8 million as of March 31 or $2 million higher than the same time last year. Income tax revenues year-to-date comprise 58 percent of all city revenues, the largest part of the city’s total revenues.

Income tax revenue allocations in March included: $4.5 million to the general fund; $37,500 to the rainy day fund; $267,134 to the debt service fund; and $534,267 to the capital projects fund.

“The increase in income tax revenues doesn’t surprise me at all,” said Groveport Development Director Jeff Green, who noted the warehouses in the city’s industrial parks are “busier than ever” and that employment there is increasing.

“For example, The Gap has over 2,000 employees now,” said Green.

Carr also reported that the city’s recreation and aquatic fund balance in March 2022 was $443,308, which is $329,137 higher than in March 2021.

Carr noted the recreation fund and golf course fund historically operate at a loss and that to “break even” annual transfers from the general fund are necessary.

However, he said as of March 2022, the recreation operational receipts were higher by $70,946 and the golf course operational receipts were higher by $31,857 compared to March 2021. Groveport Golf Director Tom Walker reported that 906 rounds of golf were played at the Groveport Municipal Golf Course in March 2022, which is the second highest total number of rounds at the course for the month of March in the past six years.

325 Main St. development
Groveport City Council is considering legislation to amend the zoning for the 1.19 acre property located at 325 Main St. from urban residential to select commercial planned.

In paperwork filed with the city, the property’s owners are proposing to construct two commercial buildings in two phases on the site. Phase 1 would be one approximately 5,500 square foot building. Phase 2 would be a 5,800 square foot building and also include demolishing the existing more than century old, approximately 1,100 square foot, single family residence on the site.

Green said the Phase 1 building on the eastern side of the property will house a dental practice and an optometrist. He said construction on Phase 1 could begin in late May or early June.

“There is no definite start date for the second building (Phase 2 on the western side of the property),” said Green.

When asked if there would be any residential/apartment units in either building, Green said, “Not at this time. The original plan was for a two story building with the offices on the first floor and apartments on the second floor. Because of the current cost and availability of building materials the two-story concept became less practical in the short term. It’s possible that the second building could be two story, but it’s not known at this time.”

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