Groveport’s Hendron Road project set to start in April

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Work on Groveport’s Hendron Road improvement project begins in April with expected completion by early November.

“This is the continuation of the city of Groveport’s ongoing efforts to upgrade its city streets,” said Groveport City Engineer Steve Farst.

The approximately $2.2 million reconstruction of 1,600 feet of Hendron Road from Main Street to Glendening Drive/Marlowa Drive is funded by an Ohio Public Works Commission grant of $450,000 and a no interest loan of $1.3 million from the OPWC, with the remainder funded by the county and city.

The project includes storm sewers, curb and gutter, streetlights similar in style to the ones on Main Street, five foot wide concrete sidewalks on the east and west sides of the street, improved driveway approaches, improved crosswalks and pedestrian signaling at Glendening Drive, a mid-block crosswalk near the medical center complex, a 12 inch water main from Main Street to Glendening Drive, and a sidewalk on the west side of the road from Glendening Drive to Cherry Blossom Drive that will connect to extension to meet up with the sidewalk in the Orchard subdivision.

The concrete sidewalk on the west side of the road replaces a  proposed idea for a shared use 7 foot asphalt path that was rejected because it would require moving too many utility poles, according to Farst.

As part of the project, Hendron Road will be lowered, which will eliminate the hump on the road near its intersection with Main Street. Also, Hendron Road will remain a two lane street.
Local traffic will be maintained for Hendron Road homeowners,  apartment tenants, businesses, and the two schools – Glendening Elementary and Middle School South. Access will be maintained to Marlowa Drive. Police, fire, trash pick up, and mail delivery will continue on Hendron Road during the project. Through traffic on Hendron Road will be detoured to State Route 317 during the project.

Farst said, depending on the weather and construction schedules, typically no work on the project will be done on the weekends.

According to EMH&T engineer Shane Spencer, the project will proceed in three phases.
The first phase will be the installation of the new water line along the east side of the road in May.

The second phase is expected to begin in early June and will involve work on the northern half of the project area from Glendening Drive/Marlowa Drive to approximately the medical center complex. This work is expected to be completed by early August.

“The plan is to have the Glendening/Marlowa intersection open by the start of school in the fall,” said Spencer.

Work on this second phase of the project  will result in summer youth athletic activities normally held at Glendening Elementary and Middle School South to be moved to other locations.

“We’re working on finding other locations for these activities,” said Groveport Madison Schools Deputy Superintendent John Hurd.

The third phase is expected to begin in early August and will involve work on the southern half of the road’s project area from approximately the medical center complex to Main Street. This work is expected to be completed by early October.

“We hope to have the road open in early October and the project totally completed by early November,” said Farst.

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