Groveport works to improve pedestrian safety

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

The city of Groveport is getting new pedestrian traffic signals at some crosswalks in an effort to improve public safety.

Groveport City Engineer Steve Farst said the signals are the result of the city responding to the Ohio Department of Transportation’s outreach to area communities in 2015.

“Communities could nominate certain pedestrian-heavy intersections and road pedestrian crossings for safety improvements under ODOT’s Pilot Project Phase 2, systematic safety improvement fund,” said Farst.

According to Farst, in this phase of its safety program, ODOT’s objective is to invest safety funds at the local level and to provide new control measures/improvements to reduce potential pedestrian crashes, injuries, and deaths.

“ODOT predetermined the types of improvements they wished to fund that included pedestrian countdown timers, high visibility crosswalk markings, and rectangular rapid flashing beacons,” said Farst.

He said Groveport nominated sites located in areas of the city with relatively higher pedestrian activity along Main Street and near schools, community event areas, and sports areas, and where there are many youth activities.

“ODOT identified these specific forms of safety improvement because federal and state agency studies show they are effective at reducing pedestrian injuries and deaths,” said Farst.

The signals will be installed at the following Groveport locations:

•Rectangular rapid flashing beacon solar powered devices on Wirt Road, adjacent to the log house in Heritage Park (near 552 Wirt Road); east Main Street near 778 Main St. in front of Groveport Madison Middle School Central; and where the Foor Leisure/Bike Path crosses Bixby Road, just west of the entrance to the Cruiser Park  parking lot.

“The contractor will add highly visible pavement markings where needed at these locations,” said Farst.

•Upgrading existing pedestrian signals (walk/do not walk signals) to add count down timers to existing pedestrian signals and add new higher visible pavement markings at: Hendron Road/Tallman Street at Main Street; College Street at Main Street; Front Street at Main Street; and the Kroger entrance at Main Street.

Installation is expected to be completed   by the end of 2017.

When asked why such signals were not installed at other intersections around town, Farst said, “This is a regional program with many other local communities participating, so there is a limit to available funding.”

The signals are funded by ODOT’s Highway Safety program with design and construction managed by ODOT.

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