Groveport to purchase shuttle bus; plus other city news


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Groveport’s transportation department is getting a new set of wheels.

Groveport City Council approved the purchase of a 2019 Starcraft shuttle bus at a cost of about $73,000. Though a 2019 model, the vehicle has never been titled, previously purchased, or used.

According to Groveport Transportation Director Bob Dowler, this 2019 model costs $2,903 less than a 2022 model.

The new shuttle bus will replace one of the city’s more than six-year-old existing shuttle buses. Dowler said the city has three shuttle buses that are run as needed.

Dowler said the new shuttle bus, since it has never been in service, will not have maintenance issues like the older existing shuttles.

The shuttle will be used in the city’s Groveport Rickenbacker Employee Access Transit (GREAT) shuttle service. Groveport launched GREAT in 2015 in partnership with the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA). The service is designed to ease area mass transit issues and bring employees to work in the city’s industrial parks. It augments COTA bus service in the Rickenbacker Airport area and provides last-mile service for employees to businesses located within Groveport.

Groveport established GREAT in response to area businesses’ difficulties in finding enough employees. Some potential employees are unable to work in Groveport’s industrial parks because the city’s transportation needs were underserved by the COTA bus system. City officials said they did not want to lose large employers due to a lack of workers and that the shuttle service allows employers to hire and retain their employees who need, or choose, to use public transportation.

For information on the GREAT shuttle service program visit

Street maintenance program

Council approved legislation regarding the city’s annual street maintenance program. The city’s 2022 budget includes $300,000 for the program plus $75,000 for drainage improvements.

Groveport City Administrator B.J. King said the program includes crack sealing several streets as well as repaving Briar Grove Drive. There are also improvements planned for Hickory Alley west of College Street and Hickory Alley east of Brook Alley.

Volunteer for Trail Riders
The Groveport Recreation Department looking for a volunteer to coordinate its Trail Riders bicycling program. Group rides are scheduled once per week from May thru September. Each ride is approximately 10 to 16 miles in length round trip, with lunch either during the ride or after the ride. Rides typically take between two and three hours and originate from a Groveport park or local Metro Park. Most of the riding is on a paved bicycle trail. Interested persons should contact Kyle Lund at 614-836-1000 /


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