Groveport Senior Village up and running

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Some bad soil slowed down the Groveport Senior Village project, but now the development is back on track.

According to Groveport City Administrator Marsha Hall, the senior housing project, located on Hendron Road, was behind schedule primarily due to problems constructing the development’s sanitary sewer line east of State Route 317.

“Construction had to be suspended in mid-October to investigate bad soils they found,” said Hall. “It took several weeks to determine how best to construct the sewer.  Sewer construction was able to commence in December and has just been completed.”

Todd Valentine of L.W. Associates, Inc., the company developing the project, said, “We ran into some unforeseen bad soil problems regarding the sanitary sewer.”

Valentine said his company has finalized the sanitary sewer requirements with the city and it is the company’s understanding the system is now operational. He said some minor work still needs to be done on the sanitary sewer, but it will be done when the weather is warmer and drier in order to avoid any potential further soil problems. Additionally, landscaping and finishing the asphalt paving will be completed once warm weather arrives.

Valentine said residents are now moving in to the development.

Hall said a secondary problem was the master water meter, which did not interface with the city’s new meter system.

“We were able to address how meter readings will take place through a meter agreement,” said Hall.

Groveport Senior Village is located on 7.14 acres on the east side of Hendron Road, just north of Glendening Drive.

L.W Associates, Inc., constructed the residential development, which is designed for seniors age 55 and up.

“These units are designed with 905 square feet to allow seniors who may be downsizing from a larger home to retain their possessions,” said Valentine  when the plan was first introduced in 2012. “This would be safe, affordable housing for seniors.”

According to information provided by L.W. Associates, Inc., when the plan was originally submitted to the city of Groveport, the development consists of 50, one story, two-bedroom, cottage-style, rental apartments with attached garages that have the look and feel of a traditional condominium. Plans for the complex also include a community building, a shelter house, community garden and a fenced dog walk.

“The project is coming out the way we envisioned it,” said Valentine. “There’s a large demand for it and we look forward to being in Groveport and working with the city.”

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