Groveport reviews flood map


Proposed FEMA floodplain map for north central Groveport.

Groveport officials surveyed the terrain around Elmont Place and found that the area is not of sufficient height to dispute the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) new proposed floodplain map affecting land south of the subdivision.

EMH&T Engineer Steve Farst said the survey discovered that, while the streets and lots of Elmont Place are above flood level, the embankment of a retention pond in the subdivision is not. He said the potential main pathway for flood waters is a 42 inch pipe under Elmont Place where water could come through to the south if the retention pond overflows.

On Jan. 30, FEMA presented the updated floodplain maps, which include new measurements made by the Franklin County engineer’s office. FEMA’s proposed 100 year floodplain maps for Franklin County revealed large designation changes in the north central Groveport area brought on by the new flood studies. According to the new FEMA map, the areas added to the floodplain in the north central Groveport area are lands located: along Old Hamilton Road south of Bixby Road; south of Elmont Place; Founders Bend south of Elmont Place; along Corbett and Ebright roads; the Groveport water plant; and Motts Military Museum.

The newly designated floodplains along Old Hamilton Road are lowlands, but are somewhat distant from Blacklick Creek.

Matt Brown, a planner for the Franklin County Department of Development, previously said the new maps incorporate information obtained from aerial photography and redefine floodplain boundaries based on topography, as well as flood studies of area creeks – including Blacklick Creek and George’s Creek in the Southeast area.

"We’ll (the village) still send FEMA a letter to express our concerns about the accuracy of their (FEMA’s) study," Farst told Groveport Village Council at its June 25 meeting. "We want the maps to be accurate and we hope FEMA provides more focus and studies the area in more detail."

Farst said the letter is a first step in the village officially lodging its concerns about the maps. He said it is hoped FEMA will review the village’s comments before proceeding with officially instituting the floodplain maps.

"But it’s hard to say how they’ll (FEMA) proceed," said Farst.

But Farst added that, even if the maps go into effect, the village will have some options to lessen the floodplain areas such as adding fill to low areas or building embankments.

"It’s too early to say, but those steps could help the area to the south (of Elmont Place)," said Farst.

The village’s water well field in Cruiser Park along Old Hamilton Road is not affected by the new FEMA map as it is already in a designated floodplain and its well platforms were constructed above the 100 year flood level.

Flood insurance

Brown said federal law requires flood insurance for people who have a mortgage on a structure that’s in the floodplain. He said individuals in this situation would most likely be notified by their mortgage institution that they must obtain flood insurance.

"If there’s no loan, flood insurance is not required," said Brown. "But it’s still recommended for safety and well being."

For information about flood insurance, visit the following Web sites: and

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