Groveport prepares for projects in 2020 and beyond

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

The city of Groveport received good news from the Ohio Public Works Commission regarding the funding of three upcoming large scale projects.

According to a report from Groveport Assistant City Administrator Jeff Green and Finance Director Jason Carr, the OPWC:

•Approved OPWC grant funding of $472,689 for the Hamilton Road at Higgins Boulevard (phase two) intersection reconstruction project, which includes left turn lanes alignments, new traffic signals and accommodations for pedestrians.

•Approved OPWC grant funding of $374,486 of the requested $460,930 for the reconstruction of West Bixby Road (phase two) from the entrance to Madison Christian School to the entrance of Three Creeks Metro Park.

“If any local government’s projects are closed out before June 2020 and money is returned unused, we were advised we will be offered what is available to hopefully make up the shortfall,” wrote Green and Carr in their report to Groveport City Council.

•Approved OPWC funding for improvements to Saltzgaber Road, Toy Road pavement reconstruction, Swisher Road pavement reconstruction, and left turn lanes at the intersection of Saltzgaber and Groveport roads.
The city of Groveport’s share of the estimated $447,500 plan is $97,795, Franklin County’s share is $107,000, and Madison Township’s is $100,000 with a combination of OPWC grants and loans contributing to the funding.

Getting ready for 2020
Council prepared for 2020 by approving a long list of legislation to fund projects and purchases. The approved ordinances authorize the city administrator to either enter into contracts or solicit bids for the following:

•Purchase of two outfitted replacement police cruisers, estimated at $142,100;

•Purchases of: a pick-up truck and a scag mower for the parks department; a truck for the facilities management department; and a tractor and mower for the golf maintenance department;

•Solicit bids for the State Route 317 and Main Street intersection safety project;

•Solicit bids for the Old Hamilton Road resurfacing: phase 1 from State Route 317 to just past Founders Bend Drive, estimated at $222,000 and phase 2 from south of Founders Bend Drive to near Lowry Court, estimated at $290,000;

•Solicit bids for the South Hamilton Road at Higgins Boulevard phases 1 and 2:  estimated at $406,000 and $345,000;

•Solicit bids for Americans with Disabilities Act improvements at Main and College streets, estimated at $130,000;

•Solicit bids for the Main Street curb ramps upgrades, estimated at $50,000;

•Solicit bids for the annual street maintenance program, estimated at $475,000 plus $105,000 from storm water fund (streets slated for resurfacing in 2020 include East Bixby Road from Old Hamilton Road east to Dorchester, Glendening Drive, Bay Grove Court, Briar Grove Court, and Saw Grove Court);

•Solicit bids for the aquatics alternate water supply project, estimated at $100,000 (to help in filling the city’s indoor and outdoor swimming pools);

•Contract for the engineering for a new elevated water tank, estimated at $100,000 (the city is considering constructing a second water tower in 2022 at an estimated cost of $1.2 million);

•Solicit bids for the Groveport Town Hall elevator upgrades, estimated at $80,000.

“This elevator has failed several times in the past year,” said former city administrator Marsha Hall recently. “It’s used all the time because the meeting rooms are on the second and third floors of the building.”

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