Groveport ponders how to develop “Area C”


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Legislation that could have an impact on the city of Groveport’s future growth is winding its way through Groveport City Council.

On June 26 council will hear the second reading of legislation to solicit proposals and to contract with a company that would provide planning services for the development of “Area C,” which is located from Pontius Road east to Richardson Road, and south to London-Lancaster Road. It also includes parcels immediately north of and bounded by Hayes Road and Richardson Road. Currently this land is a mix of residential and agricultural uses.

Groveport City Administrator B. J. King said the company would help the city develop a plan to determine the best future uses of the area as well as provide context for what other development is occurring in the region.

“Should it be developed with warehouses or tech companies or research and development firms or something else?” King noted as possibilities. “This plan would be a guide.”

The cost of contracting with this planning services firm is not yet known.

King said the only parts of Area C that are now within the city limits are the Air East industrial park (including Faro Logistics, FedEx and Honeywell) and the Sunshine development on the south side of Hayes Road.

When asked what the current zoning is for the undeveloped parts of Area C, King said,

“Because the area is not currently in the city, it has not been zoned. Upon annexation it would automatically be zoned rural until it is rezoned for other uses.”

He added that currently none of the property owners in the parts of Area C outside of the city limits have expressed interest in annexing into the city.

When asked what types of potential developments can be considered for Area C, King said, “That’s a good question and one of the reasons we are undertaking this planning process. To determine what, if any, types of development the city could or should pursue. It will also study whether the development costs for infrastructure will be adequately offset of potential revenue, especially once revenue-sharing requirements or considered.”

He added the presence of the Rickenbacker Airport noise corridor does not affect potential development in Area C and that Columbus would provide water and sewer services to Area C once it is developed.

“Area C is one of three areas referred in the Groveport’s sanitary service agreement with the city of Columbus,” said King. “Area A is the portion of the city served by Groveport’s own water system but Columbus’ sewer. Area B is the area that the city was able to annex without restrictions and is comprised primarily of the city’s industrial parks and residential subdivisions. Area C is the area that requires approval by the Public Service Director for the city of Columbus before services can be extended as part of an annexation.”

He said there is no official timeline for developing Area C.

“Again, this is part of the intent of the study,” said King. “At this stage, we’re not yet sure development is even worth pursuing. If it’s determined there is sufficient economic and other benefits for the city without negative impact to our residents, and if we have an opportunity to diversify our existing commercial, industrial and residential base, we could consider it. Availability and cost of land will also be critical factors.”

Other news
•The city of Groveport’s income tax revenue year-to-date as of May 31 was $9.2 million, which is about five percent higher than the same time in 2022, according to Groveport Finance Director Jason Carr. Carr noted the general fund balance was $11.3 million as of May 31, which is $5 million higher than the same time last year. Income tax revenues year-to-date comprised 57 percent of all city revenues, the largest part of all the city’s revenues.

•Groveport City Engineer Steve Farst provided an update on the city’s ongoing 2023 street maintenance program. Pavement reconstruction has been completed on: portions of Maple Street between Front Street and Private Alley as well as between Walnut Street and Brook Alley; Private Alley from Blacklick Street to Hickory Alley; and the municipal building parking lot. He said spot curb replacements are finished on Elmont Place from Old Hamilton Road to Venison Way and on Edge Grove from Briarwood Drive to Sawgrove Court.

According to Farst, milling and application of SAMI treatment were made on Elmont Place and Edge Grove Drive. Final paving of these areas was expected to be completed by late June.

Additional pavement repairs on State Route 317 at its intersection with Groveport Road and its intersection with Hendron Road are expected in mid-July.

Work on resurfacing the Groveport Municipal Golf Course entry drive is expected to occur in mid-September.

•The Groveport Municipal Golf Course reported, year to date May 31, that 9,717 rounds of golf have been played there, which is the most rounds by this date in the last seven years.

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