Groveport Police news plus city revenue and event updates

Groveport Police Chief Ralph Portier said all the city’s police officers are on their normal schedules and have started bicycle patrol and foot patrols around town.

He added the department has received very few complaints about gatherings of 10 people or more during the coronavirus shut down.

“Officers are encountering juveniles gathering together and are telling them to disperse,” said Portier. “The Groveport community is responding to the crisis well and in a civil fashion. The Groveport Police have received several donated supplies of masks. Several officers have also responded above and beyond to citizens’ needs by buying toilet paper and water to those who need it. We are continuing to provide high visibility and professional services and are continuing to take strict precautionary measures for our protection.”

Portier added that several jurisdictions in the surrounding area, including Groveport, were recently affected by a group of thieves rummaging through unlocked vehicles in neighborhoods.

March crime statistics for the city of Groveport, according to the Groveport Police: 12 arrests, 13 accidents, 3 assaults, 1 burglary, 2 criminal mischief/trespassing, 8 domestic disputes, 2 domestic violence, 1 OVI and alcohol, 0 fights, 1 disorderly conduct, 9 thefts/robberies, 0 stolen/unauthorized use, 1 missing persons, 1 weapon related call, 2 narcotic related offenses, 3 general complaints, 2 school related incidents, 1 identity theft, 2 suspicious vehicles/persons, 5 parking, 2 threats, 5 vandalism, 47 traffic citations, 1 sex related crime, 1 warrant/arrests/subpoenas, 1 suicide attempt.

Income tax revenue
The city of Groveport’s 2020 income tax revenue as of March 31 is $4.8 million, which is 7.6 percent higher than the same time in 2019. Income tax revenues comprise the largest portion of the city’s total revenues year-to-date, or 50.3 percent of all revenues, according to Groveport Finance Director Jason Carr.

Recreation/event news
The Groveport Recreation Center and Senior Center remain closed awaiting further directives from Governor Mike DeWine in regards for possible re-opening.

According to Groveport Recreation Director Kyle Lund, staff is prepping the Groveport Aquatic Center outdoor pool for potential opening and searching for lifeguards.

“The coronavirus has greatly impacted our ability to hire new lifeguards,” said Lund.

Groveport Community Affairs Director Patty Storts said she is regularly corresponding with the main vendors for the city’s Fourth of July event and receiving updates regarding the status of the city’s Farmers’ Market pending information from DeWine’s directives and city administrative officials about the potential future of these events due to the coronavirus situation.

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