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Groveport Police officers are  life savers
On June 30 and July 1, Groveport Police Officers Sam Yockey and David Fairman administered multiple doses of NARCAN to individuals having adverse reactions to opioids. According to Groveport Police Chief Casey Adams, the officers’ actions saved the lives of the individuals. Detective Mike Sturgill then helped the people find help to deal with their addictions.

Also, on July 2, Yockey and Fairman quickly applied first aid that may have saved a man’s life or prevented the loss of a limb. According to Adams, the man was working on his vehicle when he received a deep cut on his arm. The officers applied pressure to the wound and a tourniquet to stop the bleeding until medics arrived.

“Both officers advised me that they believe they just secured the scene until medics arrived,” said Adams. “But with my knowledge of working with both officers daily, they are being modest in their actions.”

Groveport Police statistics
June crime statistics, according to the Groveport Police: 6 arrests, 7 accidents, 4 assaults, 0 burglary, 3 domestic disputes, 8 domestic violence, 0 OVI and alcohol, 7 thefts/robberies, 2 stolen/unauthorized use, 0 missing persons, 2 weapon related call, 2 narcotic related offense, 0 school related incidents, 0 parking, threats, 2 vandalism, 39 traffic citations, 0 sex related crime, 1 suicide attempt/DOA.


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