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By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Groveport Police have increased efforts to address traffic concerns in the city.
According to Groveport Police Chief Casey Adams, a speed trailer was placed in the 300 block of Main Street as a traffic calming device.

“It is our hope the programming within the machine will produce some useful data on average speeds on Main Street along with peak times of traffic congestion for the area,” said Adams.

In May, Adams said officers wrote up 60 traffic violations, which included 22 speeding tickets, four OVI arrests, 12 driver’s license violations, and 22 other traffic violations. In comparison, traffic citations for the months in the first half of 2022 were:  January, 23; February, 37; March, 45, and April, 46. Numbers for June are not yet available.

“The majority of drivers cited were in the age range of 30 to 49-years-old,” said Adams said of the May arrests. “Officer Josh Guiler stopped a vehicle for operating at a dangerous speed of 100 mph in a 45 mph zone on Rohr Road between State Route 317 and Alum Creek Drive around 4 a.m. one day.”

Regarding the OVI arrests, Adams said the drivers were involved in auto accidents with no injuries and the incidents took place between 10 p.m. and midnight.
“One driver was driving southbound on State Route 317 in the north bound lanes (wrong way) and another was driving through the old downtown area operating in both lanes of travel with other vehicles avoiding colliding with the driver who was arrested after numerous calls from other drivers avoiding colliding with the intoxicated driver.”

Student fight injures teacher & officer
The Madison Township Police School Resource Officer and a school teacher suffered injuries while breaking up a fight between multiple Groveport Madison High School students at the buses at the end of the school day on May 24.

Madison Township Police School Resource Officer Keith Mallory was allegedly punched in the face by one of the students during the altercation and a teacher trying to break up the fight suffered a broken leg.

According to a police report filed by Mallory, the fight broke out during high school dismissal between two students.

“As more than 1,500 students exited the building, students were running over to capture the fight on their cell phones,” wrote Mallory in his report. “I saw a teacher trying to separate the students as they continued to fight through the teacher. As I got involved we were able to separate, but then the teacher fell to the ground holding onto one suspect. As both went down the suspect fell on the teacher’s left leg causing four bones to break (in the leg). The suspect continued to fight and ran over to where I was holding the other student. He then started throwing punches through me (allegedly) striking me in the jaw. During this time two other students got involved and (allegedly) started throwing punches at the suspect.”

According to the police report, Mallory suffered minor injuries, but the teacher’s broken leg is expected to be in a cast through the summer months.

One student was charged with aggravated assault and three students were charged with disorderly conduct – fighting. The suspects ages range from 15-to-17-years-old.


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