Groveport plans to remove potentially dangerous old trees

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Some large, old trees in the historic section of the city of Groveport are slated to be removed due to their decaying condition.

“The city will personally deliver a letter to each property owner about the trees and the plans to remove them,” said Groveport City Administrator B.J. King. “Every time a strong storm blows in I get worried about another falling large tree incident.”

City officials met with a licensed arborist on May 18 to have some large, older trees along Front Street inspected along with two trees on Elm Street. The inspection was prompted after a strong storm knocked down a large tree that smashed into a Groveport Police cruiser on Front Street on May 10.

The inspection results revealed six troubled trees including a large hole in a trunk that collects water and rot at 215 Front St.: a maple tree at 235 Front St. with a dying root system and decay in the crown; an ash tree at 197 Front St. with a dying root system; a maple tree at 173 Front St. with roots that were removed for a sidewalk repair; a dead tree at 537 Elm St. where immediate removal is recommended; and a tree with a dying root system, dead limbs, and a decaying crown at 545 Elm St.

According to B.J. King, the arborist recommended removal of all six trees to eliminate any hazards. The city received quotes of $10,300 and $14,100 to remove the trees.

“I recommend we remove the trees,” King told Groveport City Council on June 15. “We will talk to an arborist about planting trees on Front Street to replace those that are removed.”

Groveport City Councilman Shawn Cleary cautioned residents to beware and be alert for someone who is contacting homeowners around town and falsely stating the city plans to take down their trees.

“Be aware there are some rogue tree people out there making false statements about tree removals,” said Cleary.

King assured residents that, if the city plans to take down a tree, city officials will contract residents directly.

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