Groveport outlines its funds

Groveport Village Council got its first look at the village’s proposed five year capital improvement plan for 2008-12 at its committee of the whole meeting Oct. 15.

"The five year general fund operating plan and five year capital program are an important part of the long term financial planning process for the village," reported Village Administrator Jon Crusey. "It is through this process that key long range decisions are made."

General fund operating plan

According to Crusey, general fund revenues are estimated to increase 5 percent annually over the next five years while expenditures are projected to increase 4 percent annually over the same five year period.

The general fund target balance of 20 percent of expenditures is projected to be met at the end of 2009, which Crusey stated means a greater amount of revenue will be freed up for transferral to the capital improvement fund.

The general fund is projected to have ending balances of: $994,770 in 2007; $1.5 million in 2008; $1.79 million in 2009; $1.9 million in 2010; $2.034 million in 2011; and $2.037 million in 2012.

The village does not project taking on additional personnel over the next five years.

Capital improvement fund revenue and debt information

Income tax collections are estimated to increase 5 percent annually over the next five years. Twenty percent of net income tax revenue is allocated to the capital improvement fund. Transfers from the general fund are expected to be $7.7 million over the next five years.

The recreation center/aquatic center debt is scheduled to be paid off by 2024-25.

Debt related to the completed improvement projects for Main Street, Hamilton Road, Bixby Road, and Rohr Road are zero percent, 20 year Ohio Public Works Commission loans.

New debt payments of $350,000 will be made annually for a 20 year period beginning in 2009 for the purchase of the golf course, log house restoration, construction of the stage in Heritage Park, and Cruiser Park soccer fields.

Street projects

The following street projects are outlined in the capital project plan:

•Madison Street reconstruction in 2008 at an estimated cost of $606,100.

•Kessler Street reconstruction in 2009 at an estimated cost of $795,000.

•Lesleh Street reconstruction in 2010 at an estimated cost of $805,000.

•Traffic signals at Groveport Road and Green Pointe Drive in 2009 at an estimated cost of $279,000;

and at Port Road and Rohr Road in 2012 at an estimated cost of $307,000.

Other proposed street projects include:

•street and alley resurfacing beginning in 2010 at $150,000 and increasing to $250,000 in 2011-12;

•sidewalks at $15,000 per year for five years;

•curb and gutter replacement at $60,000 a year for five years;

•a turn lane on Groveport Road at Groveport Park in 2010-11 at an estimated cost of $263,000;

•and Hamilton Road widening from Bixby Road to Lowry Court for $1.4 million in 2011 and from Lowry Court to the railroad in 2012 for $826,000.

Departmental funding highlights

•Police – $194,527 for cruisers; $45,000 for seven digital cameras and 10 backseat cameras; and $35,000 for two emergency sirens all in 2008.

•Community Affairs – $20,000 for Crooked Alley KidSpace; $32,500 for Town Hall electrical survey, window replacement, and stonework repair.

•Senior Transportation – $38,000 in 2009 and 2010 for two eight passenger vans with lifts.

•Public Works – $115,000 for dump trucks in 2008-09; $13,000 for streetlight pole replacement in 2008-10; $38,000 for a skid loader; and $25,000 for a hydraulic lift for vehicle repairs.

•Recreation – $10,000 for a 16 foot in diameter fan for use in the fitness area of the recreation center; $50,000 for Blacklick Park shelter; $10,700 for Blacklick Park parking lot resurfacing; $80,000 for two additional tennis courts in Degenhart Park; $55,000 for a Groveport Park shelter in 2010.

•Parks – $60,000 for concrete skatepark pad and $103,500 for phase one skatepark equipment in 2008.

•Aquatic Center – $26,000 in 2008, $34,255 in 2010, and $65,000 in 2011 for pool maintenance and equipment.

•Golf – $68,800 in 2008, $61,800 in 2009, $34,800 in 2010, $28,800 in 2011, and $18,800 in 2012 for golf maintenance and equipment.

Unfunded wish list

Crusey told council members they could add and/or take away items to and from the project list, but they had to keep in mind the costs involved.


"I want to maintain a sizable fund balance in case we need it," said Crusey.

He added the numbers in the capital improvement fund will be worked into the village’s upcoming 2008 budget talks and process.

Councilman Ed Rarey asked about adding the proposed bicycle path extension from the village north to Three Creeks Metro Park to the plan. Crusey stated that project did not appear on the list because a cost estimate is not yet available because options for completing the project are still being reviewed.

Councilman Ed Dildine noted the village needs to also consider making plans for constructing a new police station as the town grows and space at the municipal building becomes more cramped.

Besides these two items, each department also has a sizable wish list of yet to be funded items which includes such things as: two police motorcycles; reconstruction of Front Street, Center Street north of Main Street, West Street north of Main Street, Toy Road, Elm Street, Crescent Street, Seymour Street, and Delane Road; and an extensive list of improvements to all the village’s parks and recreational facilities.

The complete five year capital improvement plan can be viewed at the Groveport Municipal Building, 655 Blacklick St.

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