Groveport outlines its five year capital projects plan

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Road projects dominate the city of Groveport’s five year capital improvement plan, but there are also plans for a second water tower, water main upgrades, and money for miscellaneous park enhancements.

Road projects
Intersection improvements are planned in 2020-21 at South Hamilton Road and Higgins/Directors Boulevard ($508,000 for Phase 1 and $861,000 for Phase 2 with the developer funding Phase 1 and a combination of sources funding Phase 2).

Groveport will contribute $90,000 for improvements to Toy Road and Saltzgaber Road in 2020.

The $332,000 Rohr Road/Alum Creek Drive intersection improvement is planned for 2020 funded by a combination of local money, Ohio Public Works Commission funds, and Franklin County.

“This project (Rohr Road and Alum Creek Drive intersection) is a significant one for the region,” said Groveport City Engineer Steve Farst.

Other street projects in 2020 include: $130,000 for intersection improvements at College and Main streets; $222,000 for resurfacing Old Hamilton Road from State Route 317 to just south of Founders Bend Drive; and $290,000 for resurfacing Old Hamilton Road from just south of Founders Bend Drive to near Lowry Court.

Future potential projects include the $912,000 reconstruction of Center Street north of Main Street in 2022 and the $917,000 reconstruction of West Street north of Main Street in 2022.

Money is set aside each year for the city’s annual street maintenance program. Streets potentially slated for resurfacing in 2020 include East Bixby Road from Old Hamilton Road east to Dorchester; Glendening Drive; Bay Grove Court; Briar Grove Court; and Saw Grove Court.

Water tower and water lines
The city could potentially construct a second water tower in 2022 at a cost of $1.2 million.

Farst said the city’s existing 200,000 gallon water tower was built in 1968 and the 51-year-old tower has a useful life of about 75 years. He said a second water tower would benefit the city.

“Having a single water tank makes it hard to keep it clean and in shape,” said Farst. “Especially when we have to rely on it as a water source for firefighting.”

The five year capital improvement plan also sets aside $120,000 for finding an alternative water source that could be used to fill the indoor and outdoor swimming pools at the Groveport Recreation Center.

“Currently it puts a strain on our water system when we have to fill the two pools,” said Farst.

Future proposed water line improvements in 2022 include: $659,000 for Elm, Center, and West street water mains; $791,000 for Elm, Walnut, and Grove street water mains; and $563,000 for West Grove Street and Naomi Court water lines.

•$75,000 per year for miscellaneous neighborhood park improvements; and

•$40,000 for an update of the Park System Master Plan.

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