Groveport man killed in home


Someone broke into a home on Dorchester Street in Groveport and shot and killed 52-year-old Samane Phimmasay on Sept. 25.

According to Groveport Police Chief Gary York, he and four Groveport officers responded to a robbery call at a house on Dorchester Street near the Elmont Place subdivision at 3:15 p.m. on Sept. 25. While in transit to the scene, the dispatcher informed the officers there had also been a shooting at the scene.

Phimmasay was found by a family member in the house and pronounced dead by the Madison Township Fire Department.

York said there were signs of forced entry at the rear door of the home. He said no one else was hurt and it is believed Phimmasay was the only one home at the time of the shooting.

York said the case remains under investigation and currently there are no suspects.

York stated Phimmasay previously lived in Columbus and purchased the home in Groveport about a month ago.

 The Phimmasay family is of Asian descent and York said there were some language barriers to deal with when police arrived on the scene. He said a private company was called in to provide an interpreter who arrived around a half hour later.

"It did stall things initially," York noted of the language barrier.

It is the first murder in Groveport since a stabbing in Westport on Jan. 1, 1990.

"We still have a safe community," York said of Groveport. "This is one act, a random act of violence. It’s not a bad reflection on Groveport."

York stressed Groveport has a low crime rate.

"These types of things can happen, but they don’t happen here (in Groveport) like they can happen in larger areas," noted York.

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