Groveport Madison students are Santas helpers

Photo courtesy of Groveport Madison Local Schools
There were 22 Groveport Madison students who participated in a buying spree to help 13 families that included over 50 children in the Groveport Madison area.  Students were methodical about checking prices, looking for the right sizes, debating just the right color, adding up costs and even trying on some items. Each team was determined to stay within their budget so that each member of the family received something special. One student was so overcome by the pressure that she declared she hated shopping. The rest of the students at the high school played a large part in this spectacular by their contributions. About $5,500 was raised with over $1,500 coming from the Ms. Villanueva’s Spanish classes.

Santa had some help from some Cruisers this year.
For four years, teacher Debbie Fannin and the National Honor Society at Groveport Madison High School have brought Christmas to children in the surrounding area as part of the Adopt-A-Family organization. 
Throughout the school year, members of the National Honor Society raise funds by selling Halloween candy, candy canes for Christmas, carnations for sweethearts, raffle tickets for Cruiser Spirit baskets and even collecting loose change from the students’ pockets.
But collecting donations and pushing candy canes is not the fun part. Spending the money on the children is by far the most enjoyable experience.
On Dec. 11, the madness began. Christmas lists were handed out and families were assigned to students and their shopping partners. For the several hours following, Meijer became the battleground for determined Groveport Madison shoppers. Confusion was as plentiful as the multitude of decisions. The new, shiny toys and warm, overstuffed, winter coats overflowed from the carts as the student shoppers made their way to the checkout aisles.
All students had the same mission: to make Christmas perfect for their adopted family.
After a much needed lunch break, the wrapping consumed the rest of the already busy day.  Stacks of boxes and tissue paper littered the high school auditorium lobby amongst the groups of students fitting brand-new socks and fluffy coats into the right sized packages alongside the new toys. Once the presents were neatly packed, the last part of the day loomed – the loading. While it may not have been Santa’s flying sleigh, a minivan was big enough for all the gifts.
As this Christmas season comes to a close, the National Honor Society and  Fannin are looking ahead to Christmas 2009.
Jesse Burns is a Groveport Madison High School student.

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