Groveport Madison state test scores improve

Preliminary results from state-wide achievement tests indicate students in the Groveport Madison Local School district continue to improve.

During the Aug. 8 meeting of the groveport Madison Board of Education, Superintendent Scott McKenzie discussed preliminary results of the 2006-07 State Report Card, which show Groveport Madison has reached Continuous Improvement status for the second year in a row.

"According to an Ohio Department of Education report, this past school year we once again improved our levels of student achievement," McKenzie said. "In examining the district’s overall preliminary test scores, our students met over a third more state indicators than last year."

He pointed out Groveport Madison students passed 11 state indicators and showed strong improvement on many others.

Susan Briggs, the district’s director of school improvement, explained how the state of Ohio requires a 75 percent passage rate on its achievement tests given to students in third through eighth grades, as well as 10th grade.

"The district met the state requirement in third grade mathematics, fourth grade reading, seventh grade writing, eighth grade reading, 10th grade reading and writing, and 11th grade reading, writing, mathematics and social studies," she said.

In addition, she pointed out the district narrowly missed passage in several indicators.

"Fourth grade writing was 74.8 percent, fourth grade mathematics was 73.1 percent, fifth grade reading was 72.6 percent, sixth grade reading was 71.2 percent, seventh grade reading was 72.6 percent and 10th grade mathematics was 72.5 percent," she said. "We were so close to getting these indicators."

Briggs said Dunloe Elementary received an effective school rating, while Groveport Elementary, Sedalia Elementary and the junior high school made progress in every tested area.

Of note was the district wide improvement in mathematics, she added.

"In grades 3-8, every tested grade level made improvements," she said. "Especially noteworthy were the following schools whose scores rose considerably – Asbury’s third grade math increased 21.1 percent and Glendening Elementary’s third grade math increased 23.6 percent. That’s phenomenal – it shows those buildings are progressing. District wide, seventh grade math increased 28.8 percent."

Briggs also noted several schools had grade levels that met all their indicators, including third grade at Asbury, Dunloe, Glendening and Groveport and fourth grade at Madison and Sedalia. The individual buildings will plan special events to celebrate the students’ successes, Briggs commented.

"It’s important to find the positives in every building and celebrate that," she told the board.

Briggs said the district would like to commend their students, families and teachers for their dedication to the students.

"Our students and teachers have worked hard and will continue to do their best," Briggs said. "We especially thank all the parents who have been so supportive in helping us set all students up for success."

To help the district continue its progress, Briggs said, several professional development opportunities for teachers will be offered during the 2007-08 school year.

"We are very proud to have John Lester on board this school year," she said. "He is the author of ‘Generating Standards-Based Lessons’ and will be working with our teachers to show them strategies for developing lessons that target the state standards, benchmarks and indicators."

Board Member Dr. Naomi Sealey said she was pleased to see her son bring home a packet of information designed to prepare him for the Ohio Graduation Test.

"For you to send those home to make sure they can practice, I think this is great," she said.

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