Groveport Madison selects its new “GM” logo

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Image courtesy of Groveport Madison Schools
These are Groveport Madison Schools’ new “GM” logos. The GM in the black circle (lower left) will appear in the center of the football field at Cruiser Stadium and in the center jump circle in the gym in the new high school. The other “GM” combinations will appear on various uniforms, apparel, and for other uses.

The Groveport Madison Board of Education has selected the district’s new “GM” logo that will be used to identify the district for the foreseeable future.

After much deliberation, the board selected a modified Power Lord font “GM” red and black logo that can be used in various combinations (see graphic at right). The new logo/font design can also be used in design combinations that feature the words “Groveport Madison” as well as with the district owned image of the horse, Cruiser, the school mascot.

“We wanted something unique that we can make our own,” said Board President Bryan Shoemaker.

The board looked at several design options before making its selection.

Board member Libby Gray said most of the other design options were “boring” and that some creativity was needed.

While each board member had their own preferences (some wanted a simple design and others something more stylish), in the end they reached a consensus on the red and black modified Power Lord font.

Gray liked the selection, particularly the GM in the black circle.

“It makes us look tough,” she said with a smile.

Groveport Madison Athletic Director Steve Petros was happy with the choice.

“I am absolutely thrilled with the new logo,” said Petros. “I love how clean it looks and that everyone will recognize it as ours.”

The new GM logo will replace the familiar University of Georgia style “G” logo the district has frequently used since the late 1960s. District officials felt they had to abandon the old logo because it has an enforceable trademark held by the University of Georgia. The district contacted the university asking for permission to use the “G” logo, but was turned down because of the university’s trademark as well as NCAA regulations.

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    • I totally agree, Mark Meadows. Why did they even invite the community and alumni to “vote” on choices that weren’t even going to be considered? Why didn’t they just put a logo of “Cruiser” on the field? We are going to have the best field in central Ohio ruined by a logo that looks like an amateur designed it. Sigh.

  1. My research says that Green Bay packer own the rights to the G and have given Georgia permission to use it. The G is used by many other schools, would like to see that tradition continued if ever possible.

  2. Where’s Cruiser?? This is sad. He is the CORNERSTONE of what, I feel, GM schools stand for. His legacy is CENTRAL to our community. This logo portrays NONE of that. This is going to be on the field and gym floor of our high school for YEARS and Cruiser is not represented anywhere.

  3. The new logo is Ok but now I will have to buy all new clothes to support my kids in their sports!! I like the “G” and would love to keep it.

  4. Not a fan. It looks like someone was scrolling through fonts and said let’s use this one. For a school with so much Cruiser pride, it’s disheartening to see such a lackluster logo. Maybe there’s still time to correct this? Especially before it’s plastered everywhere.

  5. True it may be clean etc… but it’s not Groveport tradition without Cruiser!! Yes Cruiser is the mascot, but also so much more~ it’s history!!! It’s a sense of pride! Some schools just select at random a mascot, but Cruiser means something!! It’s been what 140 years or so if school spirit?? I think it is disgraceful not to have it front and center on everything!!

  6. Yet another tradition shoved aside to make everyone as generic as possible. Glad that Hamilton Twp never pushed away the Ranger. I hope that the Groveport Alum will stand up and oppose this logo.

  7. Yet another tradition shoved aside to make everyone as generic as possible. Glad that Hamilton Twp never pushed away the Ranger. I hope that the Groveport Alum will stand up and oppose this logo.

  8. Glad the Georgia “G” is gone. Seems like it was just a referenceto just Groveport, not Groveport Madison. A representation of Crusier would have been nice, one similar to the one on the stadium gate would have been perfect.


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